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55-m Tall Fujiyama Roller Coaster Tower Boasts Mt Fuji Views, Opens In Summer 2021 At Fuji-Q Highland

New Fujiyama Tower has breathtaking views of Mt Fuji

First opened in 1968, Fuji-Q Highland is a theme park that boasts beautiful and unrivalled views of the beloved Mount Fuji due to its close proximity to the famed mountain. The theme park has more than 40 rides and themed attractions, with the most popular being the 79m-tall King of Coasters roller coaster ride

Come Summer 2021, the park will unveil a new attraction – the Fujiyama Tower – to the public. It’s an observatory tower that stands at 55m tall and overlooks Mount Fuji in all of its majestic glory.

New Fujiyama Tower attraction at Fuji-Q Highland

Fujiyama Tower 2021 1 - fuji-q highland
Image credit: Fuji Q Official Website

Next year, Fuji-Q will be opening a new tower attraction right next to the Fujiyama – King of Coasters roller coaster ride. Although the ride boasts a great position that grants an amazing birds’ eye view of Mount Fuji, not many people can appreciate the scenery while hurtling along at 130km/h and screaming their lungs out.

Fuji-Q understands this and thus decided to build an observation deck – the Fujiyama Tower. It will allow visitors to take in the view of Mount Fuji without having to ride the roller coaster. At the top of the tower, you’ll find the Sky Deck, an observatory deck that overlooks Mount Fuji. 

There’s also a practical aspect – the tower will help facilitate the daily roller coaster inspection works that are carried out by the staff.

Fujiyama Tower 2021 2 - sky deck
Artist’s impression of the Sky Deck
Image credit: @fujikyunow 

Construction of the tower will begin in the early half of 2021, hence the King of Coasters ride will be closed from February 2021 until further notice. 

Explore out of bounds sections & slide down from sky deck

Fujiyama Tower 2021 3 - fujiyama walk
Image credit: @fujikyunow

Once Fujiyama Tower is opened to the public, visitors will get to experience the Fujiyama Walk, an activity that’s been so far reserved for staff members who have to do inspection checks. 

Visitors will don a safety harness before walking on a narrow passageway right underneath the roller coaster track. Be careful though – there are no handrails along the walkway and winds can get pretty strong. This is certainly an activity not for the faint-hearted. 

Fujiyama Tower 2021 4 - fujiyama tower
Image credit: @fujikyunow

To top off your visit, give the
Fujiyama Slider a try. It’s a tube slider that coils around the tower like a snake and connects the sky deck directly to the ground level. Sliding down 55m in mere seconds will certainly be an experience to remember. 

Other fun attractions at Fuji-Q Highland

Fujiyama Tower 2021 5 - ice skating rink
Image credit: Fuji Q Official Website

Besides the well-known King of Coasters ride, Fuji-Q Highland also offers other exciting attractions. Try your hand at ice skating – the theme park has an outdoor skating rink that’s open from 19th December 2020 – 28th February 2021, 10.30AM-4.30PM. 

Fujiyama Tower 2021 6 - eejanaika 4th dimension hypercoaster
Image credit: Fuji Q Official Website

There’s also a roller coaster called Eejanaika – 4th Dimension Hypercoaster. The seats on this ride will rotate in different directions throughout the ride, and even the direction of the ride is subject to change without warning. This epic ride has made a name for itself as the roller coaster with the most rotations in the world. 

In total, the theme park has close to 50 attractions that are sure to make your trip worthwhile.  

Check out Fujiyama Tower when it opens in Summer 2021

Ditch conventional hikes and observation decks in favour of Fujiyama Tower, where you can take in the glorious sight of Japan’s beloved mountain, Mount Fuji, on top of a roller coaster. Be sure to check it out once it finally opens its doors to the public in Summer 2021. 

Fuji-Q Highland
Address: 5-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, 403-0017 Yamanashi
Opening hours: Daily, 9.30AM-6PM
Admission: A 1-day pass costs ¥6,000 (~USD57.98) for adults aged 18 and above, ¥5,500 (~USD53.15) for teens aged 12 to 17, ¥4,300 (~USD41.55) for children aged 6-11, and it costs ¥2,000 (~USD19.33) for children under 5 years old and seniors above 65.

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Cover image adapted from: @fujikyunow