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Kanna Hashimoto Starring In Karada Sagashi, A Live-Action Horror Movie

Kanna Hashimoto in Karada Sagashi

The horror novel-turned-manga Karada Sagashi is getting a live-action movie adaptation starring Kanna Hashimoto as the protagonist!

Kanna Hashimoto as Asuka in Karada Sagashi

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On 27th August 2021, Warner Brothers Japan announced that they will be doing a live-action movie adaptation of Karada Sagashi, a horror novel originally created by Welzard, which was then turned into a manga by Katsutoshi Murase.

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Warner Brothers Japan

Kanna Hashimoto will play the role of the protagonist, Asuka. Hashimoto commented that the upcoming live-action Karada Sagashi adaptation is not just a horror movie, and there will be many action scenes that will keep your eyes glued to the screen until the very end.

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Fans of the popular anime series Kaguya-sama: Love is War will recognise Hashimoto, who played the role of Kaguya in the live-action movie in 2019.

Story of Karada Sagashi

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The story of Karada Sagashi revolves around a high school girl named Asuka. One day, she encounters an apparition called Haruka. The apparition tells Asuka to look for her body parts, which are scattered around the school compound.

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Not knowing what to do, Asuka goes about her day as usual. However, when the clock strikes midnight, she mysteriously finds herself back in the school, alongside five other students.

The six students soon realise that they need to look for all eight body parts of the deceased Haruka, while avoiding the “girl in red” who will slice them to pieces if they were to look at her, in order to get out of this time loop.

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If they fail to do so, the day will rewind itself and they will need to go through the same nightmare all over again, until they manage to find all the body parts.

Catch Kanna Hashimoto in the live-action Karada Sagashi movie

Even though details regarding the release of the movie are still few and far between, we know it will premiere sometime in 2022. Stay tuned for more updates.

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