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Anime Idol Altars Now Let You Enshrine Your Favourite Anime Characters Or Idols So They’ll Come Home 

Anime idol altar

Anime and idol fans are known to basically worship their favourite characters, also known as oshi (推し), going through elaborate mini-rituals for them to “come home” in gacha games and the like. Now, with this anime idol altar, you can literally worship them.

The making of the Oshi no Matsuru Kamidana

Mimicking miniature household altars (kamidana; 神棚), the Oshi no Matsuru Kamidana or ‘Altar for Enshrining Oshi” was created by novelty goods manufacturer Dreams. 

Anime idol altar Image credit: OshiKamidana

Kamidana are shrines that house the essence of Shinto gods (kami; 神) and give people a physical form of their deity to worship at home. To worship it, the shrine must be set up above an ordinary person’s eye level.

Inspired by the level of devotion by anime and idol fans, Dreams wanted to give die-hard fans a space to worship their oshi, similar to how kami is revered by followers.

Different colours available

In order to reflect the fan colour that respective anime characters or idols usually have, the anime idol altar comes in a myriad of different colours.

Anime idol altar Image credit: OshiKamidana

Having a shrine for your ultimate favourite character is amazing and all, but what if they are part of an unbreakable duo, or you have another character you desperately want them to end up with? Not to worry, Dreams has got you covered. 

The anime idol altars have been designed such that they can be linked together at the base. Not only can you link couples together, but you can even create your own version of an anime boy band, if you so wish.

Anime idol altar
Image credit: OshiKamidana

These altars stand at approximately 7cm wide and 10cm tall, and are meant to be self-assembled. Originally in flat packages, the individual pieces can be easily popped out whenever you’re ready to construct your very own shrine.

Anime idol altar Image credit: OshiKamidana

Anime idol altar Image credit: OshiKamidana

In recent news, Dreams has announced the addition of a special edition kamidana to their collection – the Aurora edition. Made of acrylic plastic instead of wood like the rest of the collection, this edition shines like the actual Aurora Borealis, especially in the presence of natural light. 

Anime idol altar Image adapted from: OshiKamidana

At ¥3,300 (~USD28.59) a pop, this pretty baby doesn’t come cheap, especially when compared to the wooden collection (¥1,650, ~USD14.30). But think about how gorgeous your oshi will look in the shrine, glittering gently in the sunlight. 

The entire collection is available on the Dreams website. Anime character and idol standees are not included in the box, nor are the promotional standees shown in the promotional images. 

Anime idol altars for your favourite anime character or idol

Dreams describes the anime idol altars as a place where you can “feel grateful to live in a world where one’s oshi exists, and to hope for their health and prosperity”. This is the perfect way for fans to show their appreciation for their favourite anime characters and idols.

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Cover image adapted from: OshiKamidana