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Amagami Ham Ham Are Stress-relieving Plushies That Nom On Your Finger Like A Real Pet

Amagami Ham Ham by Yukai Engineering

Yukai Engineering, a robotics company that develops lifestyle and healthcare products, released Amagami Ham Ham, an innovative comfort robot. Literally translated to “sweet nibbles”, Amagami Ham Ham comes in the form of a pet cat or dog that gently noms on your finger. 

Concept behind Amagami Ham Ham

Amagami Ham Ham - nom nom nom
Image credit: Yukai Engineering Inc.

Amigami Ham Ham was inspired by the desire to enjoy pet and baby play-bites over and over again, without feeling obligated to correct such behaviour.

Amagami Ham Ham - cat nibbles
Video adapted from: ViralHog

If you’ve ever had a pet gently nibble your finger, this display of affection wouldn’t be new to you. 

Amagami Ham Ham - wordless expressions of love
Image credit: Yukai Engineering Inc.

In the words of Masahiro Shiomi, an expert in the field of Human Robot Interaction, “play-biting is a method to convey various emotions without words.” 

Amagami Ham Ham - comfy sleeping buddies
Image credit: Yukai Engineering Inc.

These robots mimic the sensation of gentle biting to reduce stress, bring comfort, and provide healing. No matter where you are, a little nibble on the finger will transport you back to the cushiony embrace of your bed and in the company of your furry friend. 

Amagami Ham Ham - helpful workplace buddy
Image credit: Yukai Engineering Inc.

As much as we’d love to be with our pets 24/7, we can’t possibly bring them everywhere we go. Amagami Ham Ham is the perfect solution to this conundrum as it’s small enough to fit in your bag when you head out for work or leisure. 

Various fluffy designs for different comfy needs 

Amagami Ham Ham - Yuzu the cat and Kotaru the shiba inu
Image credit: Yukai Engineering Inc.

Amagami Ham Ham comes in two designs: calico cat Yuzu and shiba inu Kotaro. 

Amagami Ham Ham - Liv Heart Corporation’s Nemu Nemu series

These designs were inspired by Liv Heart Corporation’s Nemu Nemu stuffed animal series, which features animals comfortably sleeping on their belly. 

Amagami Ham Ham - various comfy biting patterns
Image credit: Yukai Engineering Inc.

Yuzu and Kotaro’s in-built “hamgorithm” picks one of over 20 nibbling patterns, including Massaging Ham, Tasting Ham, and Suction Ham. Expect a different relaxing experience each time Amagami Ham Ham play-bites you. 

You can see Yuzu and Kotaru in action in Yukai Engineering’s official promotional video. 

Video credit: Yukai Engineering Inc. 

Other innovations by Yukai Engineering

Amagami Ham Ham - Qooboo
Fluffy cat cushions that talk through their tails.
Image credit: Yukai Engineering Inc.

Amagami Ham Ham was unofficially coined the weirdest gadget at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show, a technology trade show that’s held annually in the US. 

In fact, this is not their first animal-themed robot to have garnered attention. Yukai Engineering previously made the news with Qooboo, a huggable cat cushion that wags its tail in response when stroked or spoken to.

Amagami Ham Ham - BOCCO emo
BOCCO emo, your friendly emotional thermometer.
Image credit: Yukai Engineering Inc.

Seeking to bring joy to life with their innovations, Yukai Engineering’s products kawaii-fy robots that aid personal well-being. BOCCO emo is a communication robot that monitors family members’ emotions and helps loved ones stay connected emotionally

Getting your own Amagami Ham Ham

Yukai Engineering doesn’t offer international shipping at the moment. But if you’d like to get your hands on these, consider engaging a parcel-forwarding service or signing up for their newsletter for updates on overseas sales.

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Cover image adapted from: Yukai Engineering Inc., Yukai Engineering Inc. and Yukai Engineering Inc.