Salaryman Eraser by Ishikawa Kazuya

Ishikawa Kazuya – a Japanese idea creator – recently came up with a Salaryman Eraser (サラリーマン消しゴム; sarariman keshi gomu) that features an adorable middle-aged office worker who balds as you use the eraser.

Make erasing fun again

Ishikawa Kazuya is an idea creator who comes up with various funny and innovative ideas that will either make our lives easier or more amusing.

salaryman eraser - bald
Image credit: @issikazu20

His hilarious Salaryman Eraser creation features a stressed-out salaryman who balds according to how studious the user is.

salaryman eraser - before and after
Image credit: @issikazu20

The user can even choose the salaryman’s style of balding – be it a neat, receding hairline from the front, or from the back – depending on which side the user chooses to erase from.

salaryman eraser - monk version
Image credit: @issikazu20

If you aren’t too keen on causing salarymen to go bald, perhaps Ishikawa’s Monk Eraser will interest you instead.

Unfortunately, these adorable erasers are not actually for sale, but if you desperately want them, you can try to DIY by using markers to draw your own salarymen.

Twitter in love with Ishikawa’s wacky eraser

In response to Ishikawa’s adorable creation, Twitter users were both impressed and amused.

salaryman eraser - twitter user amazed
Image adapted from: @a7y1n1e0k

salaryman eraser - genius
Image adapted from: @moushi_mujina

Many users praised his creativity, calling him out for his perfect idea and referred to him as a genius.

salaryman eraser - twitter user expresses interest
Image adapted from: @merompamna__321

Some of them even expressed their interest in purchasing the eraser, should it be released as an actual product.

salaryman eraser - using it from the opposite end
Image adapted from: @TSKsecond

Twitter user @TSKsecond joked that if one used the eraser from the bottom, one will eventually be left with the head of the unfortunate salaryman. Though it’s a mildly morbid comment, this just goes to show that users are able to shape or style their Salaryman Eraser however they want, depending on how they use it.

Other amazing ideas by Ishikawa

salaryman eraser - pencil
Image credit: @issikazu20

salaryman eraser - post-its
Image credit: @issikazu20

Being an idea creator, Ishikawa constantly comes up with out-of-the-box ideas, such as pencils that show you their thickness, or post-its that look like store signs.

If you are intrigued by his creations, you can follow his Twitter for more.

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