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Alice In Borderland Season 2 Returns In Dec 2022, Bigger Cast Teased In Netflix’s New Trailer

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer

The games have levelled up. On 25th September, Netflix released a super teaser trailer for the much-anticipated Alice in Borderland Season 2. The 2020 series that kept audiences on edge every episode will be back in December this year, and the trailer hints at what’s in store for our ensemble cast. 

Trailer teases a more sinister undertone as the plot thickens

Disclaimer: This section contains minor spoilers! 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Alice in Borderland Season 2 poster
Image credit: Netflix

Alice in Borderland is a manga-turned-live-action series that is filled with plot twists. It follows a group of characters thrown into a pseudo-Tokyo ghost town, fighting for survival through bone-chilling mind games and thrilling action-packed scenes. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Ominous blimps bearing face cards
Image adapted from: Netflix

The super teaser trailer begins with a brief recap of Season 1. Then, the scene cuts to where Season 1 left off, with blimps hovering ominously in the sky. Hanging from them are enormous poker cards made up of numerous flags. 

All of these cards are “face cards” – poker cards that carry characters on them, namely Jack, Queen and King. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - That's not a "game"
Image adapted from: Netflix

Those who are familiar with Season 1 know that the premise of the show involves mandatory high-stakes games that put players’ lives on the line. There are four types of games characterised by the four poker suites – hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades – and the numbers on the cards determine the difficulty level of the games. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Characters losing their will to live
Image adapted from: Netflix

While Season 1’s trailer showcased numerous exhilarating fighting scenes, the upcoming season seems to take on a more foreboding note as characters talk about losing their sense of purpose. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Trapped forever in these endless games?
Image adapted from: Netflix

They question the very nature of the game, calling bluff on the notion that conquering the never-ending series of games will bring them back to the real world. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Which world do they hate?
Image adapted from: Netflix

The trailer keeps things vague, with characters expressing their hatred for “that world”, yet never specifying which of the two – their original real world, or the parallel game one – they are referring to. Coupling that is the persistent unexplained question: how did they all get to the game world? 

Follow Arisu and Usagi as they navigate rampant chaos to unravel the mysteries posed to them. 

Video credit: Netflix

Main cast returns, and new faces are introduced 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Season 2 main characters
Image credit: Netflix

In an earlier cast announcement from Netflix, familiar faces from the main cast were confirmed to reappear in Season 2. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Arisu and Usagi
Image credit: Netflix

Fans can look forward to seeing Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya, who play the lead roles of Arisu and Usagi respectively. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Season 2 returning cast interview
Image adapted from: Netflix

Also returning are Nijirō Murakami (Suntarō Chishiya), Ayaka Miyoshi (Ann), Dori Sakurada (Niragi), Aya Asahina (Kuina), Yutaro Watanabe (Kōdai Tatta), Tsuyoshi Abe (Keiichi Kuzuryū), Shō Aoyagi (Morizono Aguni) and Riisa Naka (Mira).

In a cast interview released earlier in March, the actors dropped hints about bigger world-building and larger sets for the upcoming season. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Shuntarō Chishiya, Cheshire Cat's cunning equivalent
Shuntarō Chishiya, the cunning reference to Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
Image credit: Netflix 

All of them have brought to life intriguing characters who always seem to have a last card up their sleeves. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Banda, Kyūma, and Heiya
(Left to right) Hayato Isomura as Banda, Tomohisa Yamashita as Kyūma, Yuri Tsunematsu as Heiya.
Image credit: Netflix

The cast for Season 2 will be even bigger, as Tomohisa Yamashita, Yuri Tsunematsu, Hayato Isomura, Honami Satō, Kai Inowaki, and Katsuya Maiguma join the games. They will be playing as Kyūma, Heiya, Banda, Kotoko, Matsushita and Yaba, respectively. 

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - YamaP in From Five To Nine
Image credit: Fuji TV

Yamashita (endearingly known as YamaP) is well-known for his roles in hit dramas such as From Five To Nine. He also appeared in movies like Code Blue, which was the highest-grossing domestic movie In Japan for 2018.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer - Haro Aso's Alice in Borderland manga
Image credit: Shōnen Sunday S

Shinsuke Sato is expected to return to direct the new season, which will unfold from Season’s 1 cliffhanger following Haro Aso’s original Alice in Borderland manga series. 

Wrap up the year with Alice in Borderland Season 2

Exactly two years after the first season, Alice in Borderland is returning in December to take the world by storm again. Gather your wits and guts as the characters are dealt impossible hands in the brutal games of life and death.

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