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YOASOBI Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With New Gundam Opening Song & Blesses All Fans

New Gundam opening song by YOASOBI

YOASOBI’s song for their 3rd anniversary takes the cake for fandom crossovers – it doubles as the opening song for Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, the latest addition to the Gundam anime series. Titled Shukufuku (祝福; The Blessing), the song is indeed a blessing to the ears and hearts of fans.

Intergalactic collision of creative minds

YOASOBI Gundam - the Witch from Mercury poster

Many amazing artists came together to produce the music video. The animations were directed by Nobutaka Yoda, the opening animation director of Bubble, and Yutaro Kubota, the co-director of The Girl from the Other Side. 


YOASOBI is a J-Pop music duo comprising songwriter Ayase and vocalist ikura. They rose to fame with their debut song, Yoru ni Kakeru, in 2019. YOASOBI draws inspiration from fiction, creatively blending lyrical prose with electronic musical elements. The Blessing is no different. 

YOASOBI Gundam - YOASOBI members ikura and Ayase
YOASOBI’s power duo ikura (left) and Ayase (right).
Image credit: @lilasikuta

The music video showcases the close bond between protagonist Suletta Mercury and her trusty companion, Gundam Aerial, as they face the world together. 

YOASOBI Gundam - Gundam Ariel carries the two main characters
Image adapted from: Ani-One Asia

After The Blessing’s digital release on 1st October, YOASOBI posted sneak peaks leading up to the release of the music video, which was met with much surprise and anticipation. 

YOASOBI Gundam - Ayase's YouTube update for YOASOBI's anniversary
Image credit: Ayase / YOASOBI

The music video premiered on YOASOBI Ayase’s YouTube channel the next day. It quickly reached 1 million views in just 3 days, which is a testament to the popularity of the group and the anime series. 

Video credit: Ayase / YOASOBI

Touching story behind The Blessing

YOASOBI Gundam - the Witch from Mercury teaser
Image adapted from: GundamInfo

The Blessing is based on a short story titled Cradle Star. It’s written by Ichiro Okochi, a novelist and the screenwriter for the Code Geass series, which is another mecha anime with complex worldbuilding. 

YOASOBI Gundam - toddler Suletta in prologue episode
Image adapted from: GundamInfo

Cradle Star is narrated from the unconventional perspective of Gundam Aerial. Telling a tale of intergalactic travel and family ties, it bridges the gap between the Prologue episode and the start of the series. 

YOASOBI Gundam - toddler Suletta bonds with Gundam Ariel
Image adapted from: GundamInfo

A Gundam is a technologically-advanced mobile suit that functions as a vehicle and weapon, capable of syncing with its owner.

YOASOBI Gundam - Suletta goes to school in episode 1
Image adapted from: Ani-One Asia

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is a standalone project and the first Gundam story to feature a female protagonist. The team also released episode 0, titled 『PROLOGUE』, to lay solid foundations for the rest of the show

Check out episode 1:

Video credit: Ani-One Asia 

Let your ears be blessed by YOASOBI with Gundam’s OP

YOASOBI will release The Blessing physically on 9th November. Priced at ¥4,400 (~USD30.41), the limited edition CD set consists of a YOASOBI-themed Gundam model kit, YOASOBI-themed marking stickers for Gundam Aerial, and a physical copy of the entire Cradle Star novel. 

The song is also streaming on multiple platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

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Cover image adapted from: SOTSU・SUNRISE・MBS