Unko Museum in Japan

Poop may just be a daily stinky part of our lives, but Japan has somehow managed to make it aesthetic, cute, and fun. The Unko Museum – unko (うんこ) is Japanese for “poop” – in Japan lets its visitors get down and dirty with a bizarre toilet-themed experience like never before.

Interactive poop-themed areas to explore

unko museum - purple and pink toilet bowls
Image credit: @unko_museum

The museum is separated into 6 different areas, each with a different charm and a punny shitty name of their own: Unstagenic, Unteractive, Untelligence, Unko Factory, KusoGame Centre, and Unberto Room.

unko museum - poop photospot
Image adapted from: @chiakishrimp

unko museum - neon signs
Image credit: @sekitson

Unstagenic – a photogenic unko stage – features multiple aesthetic photo spots that are especially poop-ular with visitors. Snap a pic with pastel-coloured poop or strikingly vivid neon poop signs to express your love for excrement.

unko museum - unteractive
Image adapted from: @niga713

Unteractive is an area that features interactive unko exhibitions, such as colourful toilet bowls that produce an unko plush of a random colour when visitors sit atop of them and shout “unko”. 

unko museum - kuso game centre
Image credit: @taiyochannelpapa

The museum also has a retro arcade area called KusoGame Centre, which features “shitty” games that visitors can play.

unko museum - arcade games
Image credit: @tokyodiscovery

Poop merch for the memories

unko museum - unko factory
Image credit: @rrrrrrrrinka1216

If you want to purchase a souvenir for the crappy but precious mmrs you’ve made at the museum, head over to Unko Factory, where you can choose from a selection of unko-themed merchandise.

unko museum - unko mart
Image adapted from: @miiii____1212

There is also a popular photo spot – the Unko Mart – where the items featured there are sorted according to their colours. Unfortunately, the goods in the Unko Mart are only there for aesthetic purposes and cannot be bought.

Leave your mark before you go

unko museum - untelligence
Image credit: @unko_museum

unko museum - draw poop
Image credit: @sayan0605

The museum’s Untelligenceunko intelligence – area allows visitors to leave their mark by drawing poop on the walls. Don’t worry, your poopy masterpiece won’t be flushed away. If you don’t fancy yourself an artist, you can simply look at and enjoy the crap drawn by other people.

Getting to the Unko Museum in Japan

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo, be sure to keep the Unko Museum in mind. Being an exciting poop-themed playground that is suitable for all ages, the museum is sure to amuse anyone who’s not above a bit of toilet humour.

Address: 1 Chome-1-10 Aomi, Koto City, 135-0064 Tokyo
Admission fee: ¥1,600 (~USD13.22) for those who are 12 years old and above; ¥900 (~USD7.43) for elementary school children; free for kids below 6 years old.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-8PM

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Cover image adapted from: @unko_museum, @miiii____1212, and @rrrrrrrrinka1216

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