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Poop Bath Bomb In Japan Smells Like Chocolate & Emits Rainbow When Used

Poop bath bomb in Japan

Japan’s strange obsession with poop is neither new nor surprising, considering that there is an entire museum in Tokyo dedicated to poop. Perhaps that’s because golden poop, or kin no unko (金のうんこ), is a symbol of good luck. 

poop bath bomb japan - rainbomb
Image credit: PR Times

The adorable poop-shaped bath bomb created by Dreams Inc. – a Japanese manufacturing company that sells the stuff of dreams, apparently – will allow you to continue showing your appreciation for adorable poop while maintaining your hygiene, if that’s what you’re into.

Poop bath bomb is actually aesthetic

poop bath bomb japan - chocolate
Image credit: PR Times

Ever since the poop emoji was popularised, poop has gained the ability to transcend its repulsive nature and become adorable instead. Drawing inspiration from the emoji, Dreams Inc. created the bath bomb to appeal not just to kids but to anyone who enjoys good ol’ fashioned toilet humour.

poop bath bomb japan - rainbow
Image credit: PR Times

When you throw the poop bath bomb into a bathtub, it will emit three colours – like a budget rainbow – as it slowly dissolves. 

Poop bath bomb scent

poop bath bomb japan - packaging
Image credit: PR Times

Though the bath bomb is poop-shaped, it is actually chocolate scented. You can get the chocolate poop bath bomb here for ¥550 (~USD4.42) each.

poop bath bomb japan - peach and grape
Image credit: PR Times

Dreams Inc. also offers two other coloured poop bath bombs that have different scents – peach and grape.

Poop bath bomb from Japan is too adorable

Would you use these adorable bath bombs from Japan even though they are poop-shaped? Perhaps soaking in the tub while the poop bath bomb slowly disintegrates can make for an interesting and slightly humourous bath time.

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Cover image adapted from: PR Times