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Suntory’s New Dekavita C Ad Turns Mascots Into Muscular Creatures In A Glow Up That’s Uniquely Japanese

Suntory Dekavita C commercial with mascots

In Japan, it’s common to see companies using mascots to market products, but Suntory’s ad put a unique spin on the norm. Their latest ad for Dekavita C, a popular energy drink, featured regional Japanese mascots such as Kumamon, Funassyi, Nyango Star, Kaparu, and Sento-kun – with a twist. 

In the commercial, these mascots transform into ultra-muscular creatures after taking a sip of Dekavita C. This funny and bizarre transformation alludes to the idea that the energy drink will give you an instant energy boost that turns you way stronger than your usual self.   

Dekavita C energy drink

Suntory Dekavita C Mascot 1 - new ad
Image adapted from: SUNTORY

Dekavita C is a famous and long-selling energy drink that has been produced by Suntory Japan since 1992. It contains 8 kinds of vitamins and a royal jelly extract. The carbonated beverage is said to help with hangovers, getting rid of tiredness, and increasing stamina.

Suntory Dekavita C Mascot 2 - transformed mascot
Image adapted from: SUNTORY

Dekavita C can be bought from online sellers such as Amazon and Takaski.


Netizen comments on the latest Dekavita C commercial

Suntory Dekavita C Mascot 3 - before drink
Before drinking Dekavita C
Image adapted from: SUNTORY

Suntory Dekavita C Mascot 4 - after drink
After drinking Dekavita C
Image adapted from: SUNTORY

After the new commercial for Dekavita C was released, it garnered a lot of attention. To date, the ad has close to 2 million views on YouTube and many netizens have expressed their amusement at how bizarre and funny the advertisement was. 


Suntory Dekavita C Mascot 5 - netizen comments
Comments on Dekavita C commercial
Image adapted from: @dekavitaC_jp

On Twitter, there were many comments by amused netizens under Dekavita C Japan’s tweet about their latest commercial featuring popular regional mascots. 

User berymusu said, “すごくおもしろいから次もお願いします”. This translates to “It’s very interesting, so please do another one.” 

User mak1k02 tweeted, “すごっ(o゚Д゚ノ)ノ進化にびっくり”, which translates to “Amazing. I was surprised at the evolution.” 

Many were intrigued and entertained by the weird commercial for Dekavita C and wish to see more of such funny ads

Other weird Dekavita C commercials over the years

Suntory Dekavita C Mascot 6 - monster hunter ad
2018 Dekavita C ad featuring Monster Hunter
Image adapted from: Bon Z

In 2018, a hilarious commercial featuring Monster Hunter characters was used to promote Dekavita C. The characters were seen drinking the energy drink as they fought and fled from monsters in the forest.  


Suntory Dekavita C Mascot 7 - super mario ad
2017 Dekavita C ad featuring Super Mario
Image adapted from: Nintendo Master

Then, in 2017, Super Mario characters were featured in a funny live-action advertisement for Dekavita C. They were shown being re-energised after drinking the energy drink despite their accumulated fatigue from participating in all the sports events inside Mario Sports Superstars.


Weird Suntory Dekavita C ad with mascots amuses netizens

Japan has its fair share of weird commercials – these hilarious Dekavita C advertisements by Suntory are a prime example. Although the ads are strange, they are effective in grabbing the attention of viewers and creating talking points

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Cover image adapted from: SUNTORY