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Studio Ghibli Suncatchers Recreate Iconic Wind Scenes So You Can Catch The Tailwinds Of Summer

“Path of the Wind” Suncatchers

Suncatchers are like wind chimes you can see. Usually hung by the window to “catch” sunlight through reflective surfaces, they remind us of the little magical moments that nature can bring.  

Donguri Kyowakoku, the official brand for Ghibli merchandise, has released a new series of Studio Ghibli suncatchers. They’re titled “Path of the Wind” so you can catch the sun and the wind in one charming pendant. 

Inspired by iconic wind scenes from Ghibli films

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - glistening under the sun
Image credit: Studio Ghibli

The “Path of the Wind” collection features four designs, all recreating iconic flying scenes from Ghibli films we know and love. There’s My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle and Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - glass art
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

The colourful resin art glows under sunlight, resembling the aesthetic of glass-painted windows from fairytale cottages. The characters taking flight evoke a whimsical sense of freedom and wonderment.

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - Totoro suncatcher
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

With a collection titled “Path of the Wind”, it’s no surprise that Totoro will be featured. You can almost hear the eponymous song playing in the background as Satsuki and Mei soar above rice paddies with the cat-like forest spirit, propelled by his umbrella. 

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - Kiki suncatcher
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

Take flight with Kiki on yet another delivery service. Can you spot Jiji on the lucky charm dangling below?

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - Howl suncatcher
Image credit:

The scene of Sophie and Howl waltzing on rooftops over an entranced town will always be a Ghibli classic. This enchanting dance is now captured forever in a suncatcher. 

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - Laputa suncatcher
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

The recurring imagery of flight from Laputa also fits the theme perfectly. We can’t forget the heart-stopping moment when Pazu catches a falling Sheeta as her levitating pendant loses its power. 

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - trinkets with motifs
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

These Studio Ghibli suncatchers are infused with the magic of iconic Ghibli moments, and also paired with matching ornaments. Look out for adorable dust bunnies, Jiji, Calcifer, and the mysterious pendant from Laputa on each of the 28cm-long trinkets. 

Multi-purpose embroidered pouches

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - pouches
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

The “Path of the Wind” series includes multi-purpose pouches featuring the same Ghibli films for you to store your suncatchers. 

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - pouch comes with multiple handy compartments
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

These handy pouches come in palm-sized dimensions of W190×H125×D60 (mm), with breathable mesh and three compartments to keep your trinkets organised. 

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - embroidery on the backs of pouches
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

The title of each film is embroidered on the back of the pouch. These durable keepsakes are made from polyester and synthetic leather, so you know your cute designs will last a long time. 

Handkerchiefs decorated with motifs from the films

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - matching handkerchiefs
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

For those who like to thematise your belongings as part of your OOTD, you’ll be delighted to find that the handkerchiefs are part of this collection. 

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - Howl handkerchief
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

These handkerchiefs have a border decorated with numerous onscreen motifs. Trace along the edges and you’ll feel as though you’re watching a recap of each film. 

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - Kiki handkerchief
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

Made from 100% cotton, these 45cm-long square handkerchiefs drape beautifully across all surfaces. 

Studio Ghibli Suncatchers - Laputa handkerchief
Image credit: @ghibli_dongurirep

They’re thin enough for light to pass through, so they also double as sheer decorations by the window. In a sense, when the handkerchiefs flutter in the breeze, they show the contours of the “Path of the Wind” too. 

Catch the sun and the wind this summer

As summer comes to an end, the sound of wind chimes give way to the rustling of leaves. Let the Studio Ghibli suncatchers move you with their beauty the way the sun and the wind bring the Ghibli characters to life.

Bring home a piece of Ghibli magic with the suncatchers, pouches and handkerchiefs for ¥4400 (~USD30.58), ¥2750 (~USD19.11) and ¥1210 (~USD8.41) respectively. The merch can be found in all branches of Donguri Kyowakoku in Japan, or ordered online.

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Cover image adapted from: Studio Ghibli, @ghibli_dongurirep, @ghibli_dongurirep