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Ghibli Park Releases New Stills, Here’s What To Expect At The New Attraction

Ghibli Park photos

With just a little over a month to go before the highly anticipated Ghibli Park opens, the park has released a series of stills, giving us a preview of what to expect come 1st November 2022. 

New stills released for the upcoming Ghibli Park

Ghibli Park - children's street“Children’s Street”, which is modelled after the area around Koganei Station in the past. 
Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

The series of photos provide a sneak peak into Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse (ジブリの大倉庫), one of the three areas set to be unveiled to the public. An indoor facility that houses “the secrets of Studio Ghibli”, the warehouse comprises various photo spots, playing zones for children, cafes, as well as iconic characters come alive. 

Ghibli Park - cat bus roomGiant Cat Bus in the Cat Bus Room.
Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

Ghibli Park - sleeping totoro and tunnelSleeping Totoro (left) and a tunnel located in the Cat Bus Room (right).
Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

Ghibli Park - chibi totoroImage credit: Studio Ghibli 

The Cat Bus Room, a playroom inspired by My Neighbour Totoro, features a giant Cat Bus which Totoro gleefully boards in the film. In the same room, you’ll find a sleeping Totoro, and a tunnel, not unlike the one Mei travels through to chase after the forest creatures. 

Ghibli Park - laputian robot statueA life-sized statue of Laputian Robot.
Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

Ghibli Park - airship from castle in the skyAirship modelled after the Air Destroyer Goliath.
Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

In the same zone, you’ll also spot familiar sights from Castle In The Sky, such as a reproduction of the Air Destroyer Goliath and a Laputian Robot.

Ghibli Park - cinema orionImage credit: Studio Ghibli 

Cinema Orion, a cosy cinema situated within the indoor area will be showing short animated films. You’ll be able to watch catch animation such as Kujiratori, a Hayao Miyazaki-directed short film which is shown exclusively at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka

Recreate your favourite scenes from Ghibli classics  

Ghibli Park - yubaba from spirited awayRecreation of Yubaba’s office.
Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

Besides the various attractions, the zone offers plenty of photo spots and iconic scenes from films for avid fans to fulfil their Ghibli world fantasy. 

Ghibli Park - train scene from spirited away with no face
Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

Recreate the iconic train scene from cult classic Spirited Away by channelling your inner Chihiro and taking a seat beside No Face.  

Ghibli Park - the borrowers' family room
The Borrowers’ family home.

Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

With an area dedicated to and modelled faithfully after Arrietty, you can even imagine what it’s like to be the tiny protagonist.

Ghibli Park- bento from my neighbour totoroMei and Satsuki’s family home from My Neighbour Totoro.
Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

There’s even a special exhibition centred on the delectable food shown in Ghibli films, which was previously held in 2017 at the Ghibli Museum.  

Tickets on sale now

Ghibli ParkImage credit: Studio Ghibli 

Reservations for the tickets have begun. Visitors are required to get separate tickets for the respective venues – Ghibli’s Large Warehouse, Hill Of Youth, and Dondoko Forest – through a lottery-based system or on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Applications for tickets via the lottery-based system started on 10th August 2022, and applicants had 12 days to apply for the tickets through the system. Every month, on the 10th, this process will be repeated. So, if you missed your chance this month, you can try again next month. 

There’s also a chance to get tickets through the first-come-first-served system, which can be purchased online or via the Loppi machines at Lawson or Mini Stop nationwide. Sales will commence on the 10th of every month, starting in September 2022. 

Here’s where you can ballot for or purchase the tickets.

New photos from Ghibli Park

With the park gearing up for its grand opening, it shouldn’t be long before we can get a full reveal. Keep a lookout on this space for the latest updates!

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Cover image adapted from (clockwise from left): Studio Ghibli