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Giant Mechanical Pencil By Japanese Stationery Maker Proves That The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Giant mechanical pencil by Sakura Craypas

The phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” doesn’t actually refer to the writing instrument being as tough as the weapon. However, you may think otherwise when you see the giant mechanical pencil made by a Japanese stationery company called Sakura Craypas.

Functions like a real mechanical pencil

giant mechanical pencil - woman using pencil
Image credit: @1921_SAKURA

Japanese stationery company Sakura Craypas recently made a humongous mechanical pencil that you can actually write with. The downside, however, is that you’ll need to use your shoulder to wield this pencil properly.

giant mechanical pencil - paid leave
“有給休暇” means “paid leave” – something this giant-pencil-wielding lady desperately needs.
Image credit: @1921_SAKURA

The giant mechanical pencil functions exactly like a regular pencil: the lead extends when you click the top of the pencil, and it recedes when you push it back in while pressing the top of the pencil.

giant mechanical pencil - lead refills
Image credit: @1921_SAKURA

The stationary company even made giant mechanical pencil cores so that you need not worry about running out of humongous mechanical pencil lead refills.

Unfortunately, the stationery company hasn’t made any announcement on whether the giant mechanical pencil will be on sale to the public.

Twitter reacts to this absurdly huge pencil

giant mechanical pencil - everything got smaller?
Image adapted from: @gonnzaresu

Twitter users were confused and intrigued by the picture of the giant mechanical pencil uploaded by Sakura Craypas. One of the users, @gonnzaresu, thought that everything except for the pencil shrank.

giant mechanical pencil - pen vs sword
Image adapted from: @30_0415dream

Another user, @30_0415dream, commented, “The physical embodiment of the phrase ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.”

giant mechanical pencil - berserk reference
Image adapted from: @f3pnDtfXNOgQIzL

Twitter user @f3pnDtfXNOgQIzL jokingly quoted a phrase from the Berserk trailer, suggesting that the huge mechanical pencil is as unnecessarily big as the greatsword used by Guts.

Video credit: sensi ongaku

Work out while writing with the giant mechanical pencil

It is still unsure to us as to why someone would need to write with a pencil that big, and who it’s made for. But if anyone is looking to work out their shoulder muscles while working on an essay, this humongous pencil may just be the thing to use.

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Cover image adapted from: @1921_SAKURA and @1921_SAKURA