Rainbow Bridge

After you enter adulthood, you realise that life is not all rainbows and sunshine. That’s why we all reminisce about our younger days when everything was so much more simple. But an overhead bridge in Aichi Prefecture – that’s become a popular photo-taking spot – lets you walk on a rainbow, as if signalling better days to come.

Photogenic spot

Rainbow Bridge - stairs with nobody standing on top
Image adapted from: @fukiko50

The rainbow bridge, Oasis Rainbow (オアシスレインボー), finished construction on 1st March 2022. According to Kariya City Hall, they decided on the bridge’s name after sifting through 292 formal suggestions. 

Rainbow Bridge - Collage of Kariya Highway Oasis and the rainbow bridge
(Left to right) The Oasis Rainbow bridge connects Kariya Highway Oasis to the carpark opposite it.
Image adapted from: Kariya City Hall and @46vr_34ks.jp

Oasis Rainbow, equipped with lifts on each side, connects the Kariya Highway Oasis service area to its carpark on the opposite side. The bridge was built to provide more accessible parking space for visitors driving to the area, since the service area’s adjacent carpark was often full. 

Rainbow Bridge - Blueprint of the parking spaces near Kariya Highway Oasis
Pink represents Kariya Highway Oasis, green represents Rainbow Oasis, and the dark grey areas represent parking spaces.
Image adapted from: Kariya Highway Oasis

However, with the stairs on the side of the service area painted in the colours of a rainbow, the bridge has also become a popular photo spot for visitors. By playing with camera angles, visitors can look like they’re walking towards the sky or standing on top of the world.

Rainbow Bridge - Girl standing on top of the rainbow bridge
Picture of a girl who looks like she’s on top of the world.
Image credit: @saoriphoto2021

The rainbow bridge has also gained fame among pet owners, who put their adorable animals on the pedestal, quite literally.

Rainbow Bridge - pet dogs on rainbow bridge
Image credit: @papismirui

Visitors’ reviews

Rainbow Bridge - Twitter user commenting the bridge is a great place
“Rainbow Oasis is a great bridge!!!!!!!!!”
Image adapted from: @Coto3_86

Netizens who’ve seen Rainbow Oasis for themselves have praised the bridge, presumably for its aesthetics.

Rainbow Bridge - Twitter user commenting how they visited after work
“I went to see Rainbow Oasis, (the bridge) near my workplace, after getting off work (smiling face emoji). It’s the best (heart eyes emoji).”
Image adapted from: @yuzulive_panda

Some have also expressed their intention to visit the bridge after seeing others post about it.

Rainbow Bridge - Twitter user commenting they want to visit as well
“I see you’ve dropped by Rainbow Oasis. I’m thinking of going there on my off day too.”
Image adapted from: @K1203_koji

Visuals aside, a member of the Kariya Sightseeing Association commented on how the bridge has made travelling to and from Kariya Highway Oasis and the carpark opposite safer.

Rainbow Bridge - Twitter user commenting how the bridge made it safer to access the carpark opposite Kariya Highway Oasis
“Rainbow Oasis has opened at Kariya Highway Oasis (rainbow emoji). I’m happy that it’s now also possible to travel safely from the carpark opposite to Kariya Highway Oasis (sparkle emoji).”
Image adapted from: @kariyakankou

Getting to the rainbow bridge

To reach Kariya Highway Oasis from Kariya Station, first head to the north station exit. 

Next, either take the Higashisakai-route bus bound for Suhara Onsen Pool or the Nishisakai-route bus bound for Kariya Highway Oasis. Kariya City provides the bus rides for free all year round

Lastly, for both buses, alight at the Kariya Highway Oasis bus stop and then walk for 5 minutes.

Although it looks like you need to travel a lot to reach a bridge, you can extend your trip to the all-in-one Kariya Highway Oasis. The service area includes a range of shops and facilities, including a natural hot spring, a wet market, and even a ferris wheel. You can view a full list of amenities via their official website.

Oasis Rainbow
Address: 55 Yoshino, Higashizakai, Kariya, 448-0007 Aichi

Kariya Highway Oasis
Address: 55 Yoshino, Higashizakai, Kariya, 448-0007 Aichi
Contact: 0566-35-0211 | Kariya Highway Oasis website

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Cover image adapted from: @fukiko50

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