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Japanese Girl Cosplays With Her Father, They Look Like Royalty You Don’t Want To Mess With

Japanese girl cosplays with father

Enjoying a meal every day together, going on trips, having movie nights – these are just some of the many ways one can spend quality time with their family. A 21-year-old Japanese girl, however, has a unique approach – she prefers to strengthen familial bonds by cosplaying with her father. 

Japanese girl spends time cosplaying with her father

Japanese girl cosplays with father - daughter and father cosplays in tatami room
Image credit: @fumi_2001_ 

Taniguchi Fumi, who goes by @fumi_2001_ on Instagram, is a beauty content creator who regularly shares make-up tutorials and cosplay-related content on her YouTube channel.

Recently, she shared a series of photos of her dressing up with her cosplaying partner, who is none other than her father. 

Japanese girl cosplays with father - father and daughter in suits
Image credit: @fumi_2001_ 

The duo are seen in matching costumes, ranging from dapper suits to school uniforms. 

Japanese girl cosplays with father - father and daughter wearing horns
Image credit: @fumi_2001_

Japanese girl cosplays with father - father and daughter cosplaying
Image credit: @fumi_2001_

While her father typically assumes a more menacing role, often wielding a knife or gun and hovering around his daughter protectively, Taniguchi looks more regal and dignified in comparison. Despite the 40-year age gap between the pair, their chemistry is impeccable. 

Father is an actor in real life

Japanese girl cosplays with father - taniguchi takeshi
Image credit: @asadora_bk_nhk

As it turns out, her father, Taniguchi Takeshi, is an actor who has been active since his debut in 1985. With his experience acting in yakuza and period drama and films, it’s no wonder that he oozes charisma effortlessly in these cosplay photoshoots.   

Japanese girl cosplays with her father

Having a cosplay partner is not uncommon, but it’s definitely rare to see a father-daughter pair be equally invested in dressing up as characters. Make sure to follow Taniguchi Fumi on Instagram for more cosplay and make-up content.

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Cover image adapted from: @fumi_2001_ and @fumi_2001_