Otenki Parlour

As much as everyone has different weather preferences, mere mortals like us can’t control the climate. But by offering a variety of weather-themed food, Otenki Parlour lets you decide your preferred weather for the day like the female protagonist in Weathering With You.

Weather-themed decor & food

Located in Nara Prefecture, Otenki Parlour was first opened on 2nd October 2022 at the base of Henn na Hotel, a hotel operated by robots. The cafe interior adopts a minimalistic colour scheme that paints a tranquil scene, healing your mind and soul from a tired day of dealing with others’ diverse personalities.

Otenki Parlour - collage of cafe interior and exterior
Image adapted from: @Dondokooyaji and @yanasenana

Upon entering Otenki Parlour, you can observe weather-themed decorations such as umbrella-shaped lamps, hygrometers, and water puddles on chairs. These gimmicks level up weather station vibes, convincing customers that they can conjure up their favourite “weather” by simply ordering the right dishes.

Otenki Parlour - collage of cafe interior and decor
Image adapted from: @whbabow, @cucu109, and @___hibicoto___

Otenki Parlour offers cream soda themed after 3 different skies – Blue Sky Cream Soda, Evening Sky Cream Soda, and Starry Sky Cream Soda – at ¥715 (~USD4.93) each.

Otenki Parlour - collage of sky-themed cream soda
Blue Sky Cream Soda, Evening Sky Cream Soda, and Starry Sky Cream Soda.
Image credit: @satsukichi828

You can add on a serving of Cloud Pudding (¥550, ~USD3.79) to complete your sky-themed cream soda. The savoury dessert is sure to send you straight to cloud nine.

Otenki Parlour - cloud pudding
Image credit: @emanon4131

Come summer, you can expect time-limited shaved ice including Rainy Shaved Ice, Cloudy Shaved Ice, and Sunny Shaved Ice at ¥850 (~USD5.86) each. The similarly priced flavours let you freely choose whichever option you want, emphasising that all weather preferences are equal.

Otenki Parlour - collage of weather-themed shaved ice
Rainy Shaved Ice, Cloudy Shaved Ice, and Sunny Shaved Ice.
Image adapted from: @shoksta_gram, @shoksta_gram, and @shoksta_gram

Customers’ reviews

Visitors to Otenki Parlour have commented on the cafe’s unique interior and cute design.

Otenki Parlour - tweet user saying the interior was cute
Image adapted from: @baut_11

User @baut_11 expressed, “The interior was summer-themed and super cute.”

Others have praised the cafe’s convenient location for locals and tourists alike.

Otenki Parlour - tweet user saying the cafe's connected to a hotel
Image adapted from: @48g_mi

User @48g_mi wrote: “Had lunch at Otenki Parlour after work this afternoon. I’ve been wanting to check out this place… Super stylish and cute, Otenki Parlour’s a must-visit when you drop by Nara. It’s also convenient as there’s an adjoining hotel.”

Getting to Otenki Parlour

Weather is a natural phenomenon, whether we like it or not. But if you’re feeling under the weather, consider visiting Otenki Parlour to, at the very least, visually experience a different climate. The cafe is a convenient 1-minute walk from Nara Station.

Address: 1F Henn na Hotel, 46-1 Takama-cho, Nara City, 630-8241 Nara
Opening hours: 7am-7pm, Daily (Last order at 6pm)
Contact: 0742-23-0723 | Otenki Parlour website

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Cover image adapted from: @yanasenana, @shoksta_gram, @shoksta_gram, @shoksta_gram and @___hibicoto___

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