Detective Cafe Progress in Ikebukuro

Take a break from crime drama bingeing and detective gameplays by visiting Detective Cafe Progress, where you can become a sleuth for a day. Opening till 4am on some days, Detective Cafe Progress is a convenient outlet for both case-solving urges that come on a whim and interacting with legitimate detectives.

The cafe’s operating hours are divided into 2 durations – cafe time and bar time. The former runs from opening till 5.30pm, while the latter starts at 7pm

While their respective menus were previously exclusive, they’ve made several bar-time menu items available during cafe time. This includes the popular Sweets Cocktail Buffet (¥3000, ~USD22.51), which lets you drink to your heart’s content for 2 hours.

Interesting decor & unique menu items

Detective Cafe Progress - entrance
Image adapted from: @ay.mr815

Expect no less from a cafe managed by a detective agency even the entrance is mysteriously covered in yellow barricade tape. The unusual sight captures your attention from a mile away, beckoning you to come close. 

Detective Cafe Progress - cafe interior
Image adapted from: Detective Cafe Progress

The interior design is equally eccentric. The moment you enter, you’ll see a chalk outline of a body. Let’s just hope it’s 100% a prop…

Detective Cafe Progress - seasoned cactus
Seasoned cactus.
Image credit: @shingetsukaito

The menu is nothing to scoff at either. Dishes here contain uncommon ingredients – the seasoned cactus costs ¥900 (~USD6.61), while the crocodile tongue peperoncino pasta costs ¥2200 (~USD16.15). The cactus reportedly tastes bland yet crunchy, and the crocodile tongue is similar to collagen-rich pork jowl.

Detective Cafe Progress - crocodile tongue peperoncino pasta
Crocodile tongue peperoncino pasta.
Image adapted from: @mi12281

Just a word of warning – while the seasoned cactus is rare, the crocodile tongue is even rarer. Drop by early in the day as the dish sells out fast.

Chance to chat with real detectives

Detective Cafe Progress - menu
Menu showing an overview of the detective services offered.
Image credit: @nyon_nyon_nyoon

At the cafe, you can converse with real detectives and better understand their working styles. 

Also, you can even hire a detective – complete with free consultations – via the official Detective Cafe Progress website. Do browse through the services offered in the menu before deciding whether to contact them.

Consultations are done in an ordinary-looking condominium unit – all the better to hide in plain sight, we suppose. 

Get to experience investigative work

Detective Cafe Progress - wiretap detector
Image credit: Detective Cafe Progress

Go on a free wiretapping night hunt at Detective Cafe Progress and explore the cool gadgets that only ever appear in dramas. Due to constraint of resources, however, the activity is limited to once per person. 

Detective Cafe Progress - Fingerprint tested on phone
Image credit: @rai_3sub

Detective Cafe Progress - Fingerprint kit
Image credit: Detective Cafe Progress

By forking out an extra (¥880, ~USD6.60), you can enjoy an extra fingerprint collecting adventure and get a kit to bring home for future DIY collections. There are also additional goods for sale, so do be sure to check them out.

Funky photo-taking spots for memory’s sake

Memories are meant to be saved, and most people choose to take group pictures or selfies to do so. However, that’s not the case at Detective Cafe Progress. Instead of a regular photo, you get to dip your toes in crime – sort of.

Detective Cafe Progress - play the victim
Image adapted from: @cafe10000

For starters, choose a prop weapon of your liking, lay down on the outline of a body, and act as a victim who’s been silenced on their way out. 

Detective Cafe Progress - Mugshot
Image credit: Detective Cafe Progress

Alternatively, pose as a detectivewannabeturnedcriminal who got caught red-handed.

Do note that investigative activities are only available during bar time, from 7pm till closing.

Getting to Detective Cafe Progress 

Detective Cafe Progress is a 3minute walk from the north side of Ikebukuro Station West Exit. The detailed picture guide can be found here.

Detective Cafe Progress
Address: 9F Kizuna Building, 2 Chome−47−12, Ikebukuro, Toshima City, 171-0014 Tokyo
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11.30am-5.30pm & 7pm-4am | Sun & Mon 11.30am-5.30pm & 7pm-12am (Opens until 4am on the eve of public holidays)
Contact: 03-6698-2263 | Detective Cafe Progress website

Detective consultation
Address: 6F Haruta Building 2 Chome−51−15, Ikebukuro, Toshima City, 171-0014 Tokyo
Contact: 03-5956-8846

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Cover image adapted from: @cafe10000, Detective Cafe Progress and @mi12281

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