Izuyo’s anime character bread art

Whether you are an anime fan or a bread lover, you will be spirited away by the creative works of Izuyo, a Japanese baking artist who uses loaves of bread and cookies to create art.

Izuyo’s bread art

Izuyo, who goes by @izuyo0719 on Instagram, shares an impressive number of creative bread art on her account. Some even depict iconic anime characters such as Totoro, Pikachu, and Anpanman.

japanese baking artist izuyo - totoro bread
Totoro bread loaf, before and after slicing.
Image adapted from: izuyo0719

japanese baking artist izuyo - insides of a totoro bread loaf
The inside of a Totoro bread loaf
Image credit: izuyo0719

One of her creations that caught our attention was the approximately 26cm-tall loaf of bread decorated to look like Totoro. But that’s not all it reveals a Totoro with a cheeky grin on the inside when sliced open.

japanese baking artist izuyo - pokemon
Image credit:

japanese baking artist izuyo - anpanman
Image credit:

Some of her other creations also contain little surprises, such as the loaf of bread fashioned into a Poké Ball with a Pikachu in it, and a loaf of watermelon-shaped bread that reveals Anpanman when sliced open.

An Anpanman made out of bread is particularly apt as he is an anime character whose head is made out of actual bread. We wonder if the bread tastes like red bean – that would be the cherry on top. 

japanese baking artist izuyo - flower cookies
Image credit:

japanese baking artist izuyo - animal cookies
Image credit:

Apart from bread and iconic anime characters, Izuyo also creates art cookies in the form of flowers and cute animals.

See the bread reveal in action on Izuyo’s YouTube channel

pokemon  bread.
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pokemon bread.

Video credit: izuyo 0719

Izuyo has a YouTube channel that features her revealing the surprises hidden within her creations. It is therapeutic to see her slowly cutting the loaves of bread, showing off the beautiful art inside.

Keep up with Japanese baking artist Izuyo

Izuyo is undoubtedly flexing on us with her skills as a baking artist by creating these iconic characters using just bread. You can follow Izuyo on Instagram or Youtube channel to see more of her artistic creations.

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Cover image adapted from: izuyo0719 and izuyo0719

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