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Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen: A Boys’ Love Cafe Where You Can Watch Your Favourite BL Scenes Come To Life

Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen in Tokyo

Boys’ love (BL) is an increasingly popular genre that involves male-male relationships. It has permeated media such as anime and live-action, and has also seeped into real life. Situated along Otome Street in Ikebukuro, the Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen is a school-themed BL cafe that opened close to a decade ago.

The cafe regards itself as a “school campus”, and once you step in, you’re considered a student at the “school”. Within the cafe, an all-male staff – dressed up as students – will serve you. 

Besides ordering your usual food and drinks, you can also pay to see 2 staff members do “Pocky challengesand role-play with each other. In addition, the place holds special monthly events where staff members dress up in different costumes, such as maid and butler uniforms. As such, things are never dull at this BL cafe.

A school-themed BL cafe with special monthly events

Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen - boys love couch
Image adapted from: @BLcafe_ikemen

When you enter Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen, you’re considered a “student” at the school-themed cafe. The male service staff, dressed as students, are your “senpaiand will attend to you.

Your time on “campus” is charged. If you’re a first-time visitor, the first 90 minutes of the “story”, which is what they call your stay in the cafe, costs ¥1000 (~USD9.06). For subsequent visits, the first 60 minutes costs ¥1000 (~USD9.06). The entry fee comes with a complimentary drink. If you’d like to stay longer, each subsequent 30 minutes of extended stay costs ¥500 (~USD4.53)

The prices listed are exclusive of tax.

Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen - student id
Image credit: @OtakuOasis

On top of the entrance fee, you can choose to purchase a school ID card for ¥300 (~USD2.72). 

The ID works as a loyalty card. For every ¥1000 (~USD9.05) spent, you’ll get 1 point. You can then use these points to attain various special benefits. For instance, you can use 50 points to get a staff member of your choice to meet you at the Higashi-Ikebukuro Park before the cafe visit. You can then enjoy a 2-minute walk to the cafe with your desired partner.

Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen - maid event 2020
Special maid-themed event in 2020
Image credit: @ikegaku_nara

While mostly faithful to its school theme, the cafe does break out of it during its monthly events. These events usually span 2 days, and you’d find the staff dressed up in special costumes, such as a maid outfit or a butler suit.

Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen - police themed event may
Official poster for May’s police-themed event
Image credit: 池袋男子BL学園

This month, there will be a police-themed event where staff members will be in police cosplay. It runs from 29th May 2021 to 30th May 2021, from 1PM-8PM. There’s a one-time entry fee of ¥1,300 (~USD11.93), and you’re allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 hours. You’re entitled to a free drink and 2 photos with the staff members during your stay.

You need to reserve a slot in advance to attend this event. To do so, simply write in to their official email with your intended date and time of visit, group size, your name, and contact number. Reservations started on 29th April 2021, so do act fast as slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

A menu offering both food and fanservice

Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen - Omelette
Image credit: @masatoe_shinya

A cafe cannot do without food and drinks – even if the visual feast may be filling enough. Amongst the main courses and desserts to choose from, we recommend their iconic omelette rice (¥900, ~USD8.16)

Admittedly, it is not exactly the omelette that makes this dish worth the price. Rather, it is the customised ketchup artwork and messages that makes this plate of omelette one-of-a-kind. You can ask the staff members to draw and write anything you like.

pocky challenge
Image adapted from: @puchan_am02

As this is a BL cafe, it’ll be a shame if you stop at simply having a normal meal. Instead, venture into the spicier “BL” section of the menu where you’ll find 2 items listed – Pocky and onigiri (Japanese rice balls). Each item costs ¥900 (~USD8.16), and they will not be eaten by you. 

Instead, you’ll get to choose 2 of the staff members to act out a romantic scene involving said snacks. This is the perfect chance to witness a live BL scene up close.

Witness live-action BL at Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen

staff at bl cafe
Image credit: @ikegaku_nara

Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen opened its “campus grounds” close to a decade ago, and it became a sensation after various famous YouTubers, such as akidearest, featured it in their videos. Till today, the cafe continues to be an iconic must-visit for BL fans and curious onlookers alike.

Do note that photography of any of the fanservice scenes is strictly prohibited. If you would like to find out more about the staff, check out their official YouTube channel. They often post skits and fun challenges so that you can keep up with them virtually.

Getting there: From JR Ikebukuro Station, go by the east exit and walk for about 10 minutes until you reach the Nakano Campus of Teikyo Heisei University. The cafe is beside the school campus.

Address: 3 Chome-9-13 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 3PM-10.30PM | Sat 12PM-5AM | Sun 12PM-10PM
Telephone: 03-5985-4157

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Cover image adapted from: 【BL】池袋男子BL学園ちゃんねる【イケガク】 and 【BL】池袋男子BL学園ちゃんねる【イケガク】