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Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan: Ryokan With Scenic Views All Year & Affordable Nagashi Somen In Summer

Hana no Omotenashi Choseikan

Hana no Omotenashi Choseikan is a charming ryokan nestled in the magnificent hills of Nagatoro. Located in Saitama Prefecture, Choseikan serves affordable all-you-can eat nagashi somen and picturesque nature views – and it’s just an hour’s train ride from Tokyo. 

Scenic riverscapes for a therapeutic stay

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - scenic river views
Image adapted from: Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokan and Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokanan

Right across the doorstep of Choseikan lies the Arakawa River, which begins its 173km journey from the Saitama Prefecture where the restaurant is located. Arakawa River translates to “Rough River”, stemming from its tumultuous history of floods. But rest assured – now the rapids serve only as a peaceful backdrop to your relaxing vacation. 

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - Nagatoro Iwatadami
Image credit: tenjox 

Apart from the occasional boatful of travellers, the Arakawa River also carries an impressive sculpture created by the hands of nature: the Nagatoro Iwadatami. These successive layers of flat rock overlap each other like tatami along a length of 500m of the river, forming natural steps for riverside walk.

Get lost in fields of seasonal flora and fauna

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - beautiful flora and fauna
Image adapted from:  @nagatoro_choseikan_ryokan, 長瀞 花のおもてなし長生館 -Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokan, @nagatoro_choseikan_ryokan

As the “hana” in the ryokan’s name suggests, Hana no Omotenashi Choseikan is decked with blossoms throughout the year. Expect to get some bird-watching done, and spot winged visitors such as the adorable Japanese Tit, as the seasons come and go through the numerous gardens of Choseikan.

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - four seasons along the same river
Image adapted from: @nagatoro_choseikan_ryokan and @nagatoro_choseikan_ryokan

The view by the river also changes all year round as leaves take on a beautiful warm glow and then fall for spring to arrive again. 

Check out @nagatoro_choseikan_ryokan, Choseikan’s Instagram page, or the ryokan’s very own flower calendar for forecasts of the flora and fauna that will grace your trip there! 

Refreshing nagashi somen & speciality dishes in summer

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - long bamboo slides for nagashi somen
Image credit: Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokan

Nagashi somen (流しそうめん; flowing noodles), for the uninitiated, is a traditional summer dish. The diner has to “catch” noodles flowing down a bamboo chute with their chopsticks and then dip the somen in refreshing sauce before slurping them up. 

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - refreshing view and fresh springwater
Image credit: Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokan

At Hana no Omotenashi Choseikan, you’ll have a taste of local hospitality all in one bite. All ingredients are sourced from nearby locations. The nagashi somen is made by a local noodle factory, and the fresh springwater that carries the noodles down the bamboo chutes comes from the neighbouring Okuchichibu mountains.

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - nagashi somen at Choseikan
Image credit: Lily Crossley-Baxter

The all-you-can-eat nagashi somen is ¥1,500 (~USD11.12) for elementary school students and above and ¥700 (~USD5.19) for 3- to 6-year-olds. Children under 2 can enjoy the meal for free. 

If catching fine white noodles zooming through cold running water isn’t novel enough for you, try the speciality dishes at Choseikan. 

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - salted grilled fish at Choseikan
Image credit: 長瀞・長生館 流しそうめん(夏季限定)

The fresh, crispy salt-grilled fish (¥900, ~USD6.67) is a must-have for seafood lovers. Also look out for their miso fries (¥500, ~USD3.70) and walnut cookies (¥300, ~USD2.22).

Getting to Hana no Omotenashi Choseikan

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - peaceful tatami room
Image credit: Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokan

Hop on the Chichibu-tetsudo train from Tokyo Station to Nagatoro Station, and you’ll find the ryokan with its nagashi somen restaurant only a 3-minute walk away. 

Hana No Omotenashi Choseikan - onsen and rafting activities
Image adapted from: Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokan and Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokan

Since you’ve made the one-hour journey to Choseikan, you might want to stay a night or two at one of the many tranquil onsens here. There are many other activities – such as hiking trails to explore and water rafting, which will take up at least another half a day of your time.

Getting there: take the Chichibu-tetsudo train from Tokyo Station to Nagatoro Station, and then take a 3-minute walk to the ryokan.

Address: 449 Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu District, 369-1305 Saitama
Opening hours: 7am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 4946-61113 | Hana no Omotenachi Choseikan website 

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Cover image adapted from: Nagatoro Choseikan Ryokan, @nagatoro_choseikan_ryokan, @nagatoro_choseikan_ryokan