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Japanese Company Lets You Print Your Face On Macarons So That You Can Become A Literal Snacc 

Face macarons

If you want to seriously impress your loved ones, romantic clichés like sending flowers and boxes of chocolates won’t cut it. A Japanese company has come up with a unique gift idea – have your face printed on macarons so that you can literally become a snack, as the young ‘uns say.  

Customised face macarons

Face macarons - face macarons poster
Image credit: Iina Stores 

Iina Stores, a Japanese company that specialises in customised gifts, recently started selling kao macarons (face macarons). It is exactly what it says it is – customers can print their face on the sweet treat and send their edible visage to friends or loved ones. 

Face macarons - face macarons poster
Image credit: Iina Stores 

Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Christmas – you name it, Iina Stores has got the perfect gift for it. The company even guarantees that their face macarons will taste good. 

How to order them

Face macarons - face macarons
Image credit: @tomoka_deguchi_1102

To purchase these customised face macarons, head over to Iina Stores’ Rakuten page. A set of 5 face macarons costs ¥2,916 (~USD27.59), with an additional ¥880- ¥1,320 (~USD8.33-USD12.49) for delivery within Japan, excluding Okinawa.

There are 5 flavours in total – salted caramel, matcha, earl grey, strawberry, and lemon. You can either get a mix of all 5 flavours or just 1 flavour. 

Face macarons - individually packed face macarons
Image credit: @mrkiki02

After you’ve successfully placed your order, Iina Stores will you send a confirmation email. Simply reply to that email with a picture of your face. Once the company has received your photo, all you have to do is wait for 12 to 15 days to receive your customised macarons. 

Face dorayaki, cookies & more

Face macarons - face dorayaki
Image credit: @me_em_77

Face macarons - woman eating a face dorayaki
Image credit: @tomoka_deguchi_1102

Besides dainty macarons, Iina Stores also offers face dorayaki (Japanese red bean pancakes). Customers can print their smiling faces on the traditional confectionery.  

Face macarons - face cookies
Image credit:
Iina Stores 

Other mediums include face cookies, which even come with extra space for personalised messages – just in case you can’t convey your feelings with a mere facial expression. 

Face macarons - face mugs
Image credit: Iina Stores 

Face macarons - face shirt
Image credit: Iina Stores 

But if you’re not keen on perishables and would like to immortalise your face forever, opt for non-food items such as mugs and t-shirts. We’d recommend going for the customisable shirt, because there’s arguably no better way to show your love than to wear your heart or rather, your partner’s face on your shirt.

Print your face on macarons

For now, direct shipping for the face macarons is only available within Japan. Here’s hoping that Iina Stores will offer international shipping so that the rest of us can get our hands on these quirky gifts too. Otherwise, you can consider using a parcel forwarding service.

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Cover image adapted from: @iinastores