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Dancing Security Guard In Japan Directs Traffic Enthusiastically, Shows Us What It Means To Love Our Jobs

Dancing security guard directing traffic in Japan

For many of us, loving what we do can be challenging as not everyone is fortunate enough to secure their dream job. But luckily for this security guard in Japan, he seems to be living his best life and enjoying his work to the fullest as he was spotted dancing while enthusiastically directing traffic.

Dancing security guard directs traffic with exaggerated actions

On 7th February 2021, user
@Flamingo_310 spotted an enthusiastic security guard dancing while directing traffic in an exaggerated manner and thus shared a video of him on Twitter. The tweet quickly went viral, garnering over 2.8 million views and 199,000 likes in less than 3 days.

dancing security guard - collage of actions
Image adapted from: @Flamingo_310 and @Flamingo_310

dancing security guard - gif of jumping movement
Image adapted from: @Flamingo_310

In the video, the security guard is seen doing his job directing traffic. But instead of using normal hand gestures to direct the oncoming cars and pedestrians, he uses exaggerated actions, such as Mario jumping and waving his arms.

dancing security guard - location of original video
Image adapted from: Google Earth

Although user @Flamingo_310 didn’t say where the video was taken, netizens on Twitter surmised that the scene likely took place outside AEON STYLE Kemigawahama, a shopping mall in Chiba Prefecture.

Netizens’ reactions

OP’s tweet generated a buzz online and many netizens replied to show their admiration for the dancing security guard. 

dancing security guard - tweet from other security guard
Image adapted from: @tama_030202030

User @tama_030202030, who shared that he’s also a security guard, replied that it’s a stressful job and he’s never seen someone so enthusiastic while working. Even though he doesn’t know this guard personally, he hopes that he can continue being enthusiastic about his work.

dancing security guard - tweet deeply respect
Image adapted from: @dMHXkqNRB7lAdiy

Another user, @dMHXkqNRB7lAdiy, said that she deeply respects security guards who put in extra effort to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

dancing security guard - drivers and pedestrians patient
Image adapted from: @natuki_kona

dancing security guard - tweet waiting on the roads more fun
Image adapted from: @hellohe20941321

User @natuki_kona commented that with such an enthusiastic security guard directing traffic, drivers probably wouldn’t mind waiting patiently for pedestrians to pass, and pedestrians also wouldn’t mind doing the drivers a favour by crossing the road a little faster. 

Another user, @hellohe20941321, agreed that waiting for their turn on the roads would be more fun and relaxing with such a security guard.

dancing security guard - tweet full body workout
Image adapted from: @meow_meow923

Besides commending the security guard’s attitude towards his work, some also talked about his moves. User @meow_meow923 said that the guard’s movements make for a great full-body workout as it included squats, lunges, stretching, and arm rotations.

Other similar instances of dancing security guards

In response to the original tweet, netizens took the chance to share other instances of dancing security guards that they’ve encountered.

dancing security guard - shimachu 2007
Image adapted from: Ichiru Kiyota

Back in 2007, there was a video of a similarly enthusiastic security guard who was dancing while directing traffic. This was taken outside the Shimachu building, near Nishi Kasai Station in Edogawa, Tokyo.

dancing security guard - nagasaki prefecture 2017
Image adapted from: corey white

In 2017, another enthusiastic security guard was spotted dancing while directing traffic out towards the main road in Nagasaki Prefecture.

Dancing security guards in Japan

From the responses of netizens, it seems like enthusiastic security guards who dance while directing traffic aren’t a rare breed in Japan. And although not all security guards are this enthusiastic when directing traffic, we should still be thankful for their hard work in keeping us safe on the roads.

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Cover image adapted from: @Flamingo_310, @Flamingo_310, and @Flamingo_310