Erika Toda & Tori Matsuzaka married on 10th December

Actress Erika Toda – best known for her role as Misa Amane in Death Note and Nao Kanzaki in Liar Game – got married to actor Tori Matsuzaka on 10th December 2020. The unexpected news of their marriage garnered lots of well-wishes from fans but also left netizens wondering when the couple started dating.

Erika Toda marries Tori Matsuzaka 

Besides her role in Death Note, Erika Toda has also played prominent roles in Liar Game (2007) and SPEC (2010). Her husband, Tori Matsuzaka, made his debut in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009) and most recently starred in Smiling People (2020).

erika toda married - erika marriage announcement
Erika Toda’s marriage announcement
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erika toda married - tori marriage announcement
Tori Matsuzaka’s marriage announcement
Image adapted from @MToriofficial

On 10th December 2020, the couple simultaneously announced their marriage through their respective official Twitter accounts. They thanked their fans for their support over the years and mentioned that they’ll continue working hard after their marriage.

The announcement came as a surprise for many as the two had never been rumoured to be dating. In fact, they were linked to other actors and actresses.

When did they start dating?

erika toda married - april fools
Image credit: IMDb

Erika Toda co-starred with Tori Matsuzaka in the 2015 Japanese film, April Fools. In the film, Erika played Ayumi Nitta, a janitor at a hospital, while Tori played Wataru Makino, a surgeon at the same hospital. Ayumi had a one-night stand with Tori and subsequently became pregnant. However, Makino didn’t believe her, thinking that it was an April Fools’ joke.

erika toda married - april fools scene
A scene from April Fools
Image adapted from: @lO5ByYlqhp1T0C0

There have been speculations that the pair’s romance started after co-starring in April Fools. On the other hand, others have alleged that they have only been dating for 2 years. There are also rumours that the two stayed in separate apartments in the same residential building. However, there have been no official reports or response to these rumours.

Netizens’ reactions

Although netizens were taken aback by the sudden marriage announcement, they were happy for Erika Toda and Tori Matsuzaka. 

erika toda married - tweet shocked
Image adapted from: @bongchixinh

erika toda married - tweet asking if they had dated
Image adapted from: @__N_A_N_A_

User @bongchixinh replied that she was shocked to hear the news but wished them well. User @__N_A_N_A_ expressed her surprise by asking if Erika and Tori had been dating.

erika toda married - tweet surprised

Image adapted from: @Ilove0829

Another user, @Ilove0829, congratulated the couple and commented that it was unexpected and a surprise.

erika toda married - tweet best news in 2020
Image adapted from: @lO5ByYlqhp1T0C0

User @lO5ByYlqhp1T0C0 commented that even though many things have happened this year, Erika and Tori’s marriage was the best news of 2020.

Erika Toda & Tori Matsuzaka married in 2020

Although they have been low-profile about their wedding and relationship, netizens are happy for them. Some have commented that Erika Toda and Tori Matsuzaka are a compatible and good-looking couple. Since they will continue acting even after their marriage, perhaps we can look forward to them reuniting onscreen in the future.

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