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Cheers One: A Cheerleading Cafe That Will Infuse Your Meals With Happiness

Cheers One cheerleading cafe

At Cheers One, you’re not simply paying for a meal. Instead, you’re also buying a ton of positive energy to brighten your possibly mundane day. With two branches – one located in Ginza and the other in Ikebukuro – Cheers One is a unique cheerleading cafe where your waiters and waitresses will serve you with the most genki of voices. They can even perform a cheer routine for you, if requested.

A cheerleading cafe filled with cheerful energy

Cheers One cheerleading cafe - their motto is charge customers up with positive energy through energetic and cheerful service
Image credit: @cheersdance_cafe_cheersone

Cheers One has the motto “元気で明るいサーブで客様に元気をチャージします”, which translates to “charge customers up with positive energy through energetic and cheerful service”. The Ikebukuro branch opened in 2019, while the Ginza branch opened in 2020.

Cheers One cheerleading cafe - When you enter the cafe, you’ll be greeted by enthusiastic cheerleaders who will usher you to your seats
Image credit: @cheersdance_cafe_cheersone

When you enter the cafe, you’ll be greeted by enthusiastic cheerleaders who will usher you to your seats. 

Cheers One cheerleading cafe - seasonal fruit sandwich and their assortment of cakes
Image credit: Cheers One Ginza

Despite its gimmicky premise, the cafe does serve some sweet treats that are worth checking out. For your first other, try out their seasonal fruit sandwich or their assortment of cakes. 

Cheers One cheerleading cafe - Seasonal fruit sandwich
Seasonal fruit sandwich
Image credit: @cheersdance_cafe_cheersone

Their fruit sandwich is packed with a liberal portion of cream and fresh strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries.

Cheers One cheerleading cafe - high-five with the cheerleaders
Image credit: チアダンスカフェ Cheers One(チアーズワン) 池袋店

While having your meal, you can interact with the cheerleaders. Take part in group cheers with them, get a high-five – after COVID-19 blows over – and even request them to perform at the venue.

Cheerleading boys join in the fun at Ginza

Cheers One cheerleading cafe - Official announcement for Cheers Boy!!
Official announcement for Cheers Boy!!
Image credit: Cheers One

On 26th April 2021, the Ginza branch rolled out Cheers Boy!! – there are now male cheerleaders available to serve customers.

Cheers One cheerleading cafe - cheers boys
Image credit: @cheerdance_cafe_cheersone

Cheers One cheerleading cafe - Virtual Cheergirl initiative
Image credit: @cheersdance_cafe_cheersone

If you cannot physically head down to Cheers One, you can still meet the cheerleaders virtually through their Virtual Cheergirl initiative here. Just book a performance online and subsequently view it on Zoom. 

A 45-minute performance costs ¥6,000 (~USD54.86), while a 90-minute one costs ¥9,900 (~USD90.52). Requesting for an additional song performance costs ¥3,300 (~USD30.17).

Hype up your meals at Cheers One

While you are free to fill your stomach with delicious treats and happiness at Cheers One, do note that photography of the cheerleaders is not allowed. Place your phones down and enjoy the company of the cheerleaders genuinely.

Getting to the Ginza branch: The cafe is a 4-minute walk from Exit C3 of Ginza Subway Station.

Ginza branch

Address: 6 Chome-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo KN Building 4F
Opening hours: 3AM-12AM, Daily
Telephone: 03-6280-6650

Getting to the Ikebukuro branch: The branch is 450m away from Ikebukuro Station.

Ikebukuro branch

Address: 2-12-13 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 12th Building 1F
Opening hours: 3AM-12AM, Daily
Telephone: 03-6914-2035

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Cover image adapted from: Cheers One Ginza