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Fuchu’s KURURU Mall Has World’s Most Claw Machines So You Can Go Ham Grabbing Anime Goods

World’s most claw machines are in a Tokyo arcade

Claw machines are a favourite in every country, and especially so in Japan. After all, Japanese claw machines are packed with official goods from popular anime series, video games, and other limited-edition items you can’t find in regular stores.

Recently on 29th August 2020, arcade chain Taito Station opened in Fuchu’s KURURU mall with the world’s highest number of claw machine games – so merchandise fans can truly play here to their heart’s content. 

Largest number of claw machines at Taito Station in Fuchu

world's most claw machines 1 - guinness world record
Image credit: @TAITO

Arcade chain Taito Station opened their newest branch at KURURU mall in Fuchu on 29th August 2020 and is now certified by the Guinness World Records as the “store with the most number of crane games in the world”.


Video teaser showing the arcade with the largest number of crane games

There are 454 crane games available at the arcade for the public to play and try their hands at winning a large variety of prizes. 

world's most claw machines 2 - taito station at kururu mall
Image adapted from: taitochannel

The sprawling venue and large number of claw machines may confuse visitors, but you need not worry about finding help from a staff member here. Simply scan the QR code pasted on each machine, and an attendant will be right with you. 

Affordable claw machine games from just ¥10 (~USD0.09) each

world's most claw machines 3 - crane games at taito station
Image credit: TAITO

With 454 crane games to play, visitors can get just about anything from keychains and character merchandise to food and candy here.  

Most of the claw machines at Taito Station can be played for just ¥100 (~USD0.94) – the standard price in Japan for a single game. However, Taito Station has made some of their crane games even more affordable at just ¥10 (~USD0.09) a pop.    

world's most claw machines 4 - other claw machines
Image adapted from: taitochannel

An example of a game that can be played for just ¥10 (~USD0.09) is the electronic money crane machine – which are games that do not accept cash and require visitors to use electronic payment instead. Some of the prizes to be won include candy and miscellaneous goods. 

Emcees on the Taito Station’s Youtube channel showcasing the games

Variety of prizes to be won

world's most claw machines 5 - prizes to win
Examples of prizes to be won at Taito Station
Image adapted from:

Not only does Taito Station have the most number of claw machines in the world, but also the largest variety of prizes that can be won. 

world's most claw machines 6 - prizes to win
Examples of prizes to be won at Taito Station
Image adapted from: TAITO

From merchandise of popular Sanrio characters such as Cinnamoroll and My Melody to official anime goods such as Evangelion character figurines, Taito Station indeed has a wide range of items that will appeal to the masses. 

Collectors and arcade visitors will have a field day just attempting to play all the crane games available and trying to win as many prizes as they possibly can. 

Record number of claw machines at KURURU’s Taito Station

While we still can’t travel due to COVID-19, that doesn’t mean we can’t bookmark interesting places to visit in Japan when going overseas becomes safe again. 

Claw machine lovers will definitely want to make a beeline for Taito Station in Fuchu’s KURURU mall with its world record of 454 claw machines to flex their prize-picking skills.  

Address: KURURU, 1-50 Miyamachi, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0023 B1
Arcade opening hours:10AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 042-310-9671

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Cover image adapted from: TAITO