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New Luxury Eco-Resort In Okinawa Lets You Glamp In The Trees With 360° Views Of The River And Skies

Treeful Treehouse – Luxury eco-resort in Okinawa

Treeful Treehouse Eco-Resort is a new luxury glamping destination located in Okinawa slated to open in Spring 2021. Expect private tree houses nestled 10 metres above ground, among the trees and tranquil landscapes where visitors can wind down and relax. If you’re not one for the hustle and bustle of the city, the Treeful Treehouse will be your dream vacay destination.

4 private tree houses nestled among the trees

treeful treehouse - treehouse day
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

Treeful Treehouse was born from Satoru and Maha Kikugawa’s childhood dreams to build a tree house. Both Satoru and Maha, a father-daughter duo, spent most of their childhood surrounded by nature, exploring the mountains, rivers and oceans. When they finally decided to embark on this project, Okinawa was an obvious choice because much of nature remains untouched there. 

The Treeful Treehouse Eco-Resort will have a total of 4 private tree houses carefully nestled among the trees of Nago city. The tree houses are built from scratch, incorporating existing trees, and are designed to fit in nicely with the natural landscape. 

treeful treehouse - treehouse night
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

Each tree house sleeps 2 guests and is fitted with air-conditioning, a double bed, and compact furniture. Full-length windows offer views of the jungle so you can practice shinrinyoku (forest bathing) and take in the forest through your senses.

treeful treehouse - bed and scenery
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

treeful treehouse - treehouse interior
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

There is also a special egg-shaped treehouse that actually doubles as a seaworthy boat. It was crafted by a local boat builder and once sailed through the ocean.

treeful treehouse - egg treehouse
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

treeful treehouse - egg treehouse window
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

The treehouses are connected to the communal Aerohouse where there is a kitchen, bathrooms, and relaxation rooms. You can access the Aerohouse via floating walkways and jungle paths.

treeful treehouse - pathway to aerohouse
Pathway to the Aerohouse
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

Outdoor seating area with 360° views

treeful treehouse - morning rooftop
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

treeful treehouse - rooftop book
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

Each private tree house has a cosy outdoor seating area that is adorned with hammocks, mats, cushions, and hanging lights. It is a quaint little space suitable for both lounging in the afternoon with a book and snuggling up to star-gaze at night.

treeful treehouse - rooftop night
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

treeful treehouse - night rooftop
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

treeful treehouse - starry sky
Starry sky above the Treeful Treehouse Eco-Resort
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

The tree houses are built along the Genka River, which has crystal clear waters and flora and fauna all around. From the tree house, you can not only view the river but also head down and dip your feet into the shallow waters.

treeful treehouse - genka river
Image credit: @naohiro.sawada

Sustainable and eco-friendly living

treeful treehouse - solar panels
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

Treeful Treehouse Eco-Resort prides itself on being sustainable and creating an ecosystem where humans and nature can coexist. As such, they get electricity to power the resort using solar panels instead of using fossil fuel.

treeful treehouse - watermill
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

The people behind Treeful Treehouse Eco-Resort are all about giving back to the environment and local community. They have since re-built a watermill at the Shizogumui waterfall that was removed more than 100 years ago.

treeful treehouse - jungle trekking
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

treeful treehouse - explore jungle trekking
Image credit: @treeful.treehouse

Once open, they plan to offer tours to explore and experience the area through outdoor adventure activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and jungle trekking. 

treeful treehouse - explore genka river
Image adapted from: @treeful.treehouse

Treeful Treehouse, a sustainable luxury eco-resort 

Although Treeful Treehouse Eco-Resort isn’t open to the public yet, the behind-the-scenes of the construction process and photos taken by Maha and her team are enough to keep us waiting eagerly for the day we get to experience it ourselves. If you want to be kept updated, follow their Instagram account for the latest information.

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Cover image adapted from: @treeful.treehouse and @treeful.treehouse