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10 Japan Travel Vloggers On YouTube To Follow So You Can Satiate Your Wanderlust For Free

YouTube travel vloggers in Japan

travel vloggers cover image
Travel vloggers in Japan
Image adapted from (clockwise from top-left):
Currently Hannah, ONLY in Japan, Paolo fromTOKYO, and Kimdao

Whether you’re scrimping and saving for your next getaway, staying at home till the pandemic blows over, or both, we know exactly how to feed your wanderlust for free –  watching travel vlogs. YouTube makes it possible for people to travel from the confines of their own home. 

To get you started, here are 10 travel vloggers to follow on a journey around Japan without spending a single dime. From discovering an outdoor onsen in Ibaraki to salivating over pancakes drenched in egg yolk, Japan is merely a click away. 

1. Currently Hannah – features Japan’s underrated spots

currently hannah travel vloggers Image adapted from: Currently Hannah

Currently Hannah is a combination of vlogging and slow-mo cinematography. The Australian vlogger is a performer at Universal Studios Osaka and is now on a mission to capture Japan’s undiscovered attractions.

ibaraki outdoor onsen
An outdoor onsen at the top of Aikoya, Ibaraki Prefecture
Image adapted from: Currently Hannah

The growing channel has less than 230,000 subscribers at the moment, but Hannah has already amassed an impressive portfolio with various Japanese tourism organisations. Expect rare footage of Japan’s hidden spots like Ibaraki’s alfresco onsen and snorkelling at Amami Oshima‘s crystal clear coastline.

Youtube channel
Subscriber count: 222K

2. ONLY in JAPAN – informative and detailed vlogs

only in japan travel vloggersImage adapted from: ONLY in Japan

John Daub started ONLY in Japan in 2013 and soon made his way up as one of the top 5 channels for Japanese tourism on YouTube. A quick gander at his channel reveals a plethora of topics – street food, video games, Japanese subcultures, and even a dedicated section for his ramen-eating adventures.

only in japan
Street food recommendations
Image adapted from: ONLY in Japan

only in japan
Important details for travellers to take note of
Image adapted from: ONLY in Japan

Many online personalities separate their travel content into videos and articles – the former as a general overview and the latter for a detailed breakdown. It can be a hassle to jump between different websites, but Daub’s channel provides a one-stop solution for your travel groundwork. 

From the cost of grilled maguro (tuna) to nitty-gritty details like how to rent a scooter in Japan, his travel vlogs are so detailed that you will barely need to do additional research on your part.

Youtube Channel
Subscriber count: 1.34M

3. internationally ME – virtual tour experiences

internationally me youtube travel vloggers
Image adapted from:
internationally ME

internationally ME is a one-woman show that features Angela’s zest for Japan’s countryside. If you’ve always had a gripe with overly populated spots, check out this channel as Angela has all the deets on Japan’s less well-known and underrated destinations. 

interview internationally me
Snippets of her interview with top-notch sushi chefs
Image adapted from: internationally ME

Plus, the avid travel vlogger has a knack for taking viewers on a virtual travel tour. Most of her videos feature face-to-face interviews for an in-depth understanding of the history and culture behind a place, food, and more.

YouTube channel
Subscriber count: 260K

4. Rachel and Jun – easy-to-follow Japanese guides 

 rachel and jun
Image adapted from:
Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun, a Japanese-American couple, first started out on YouTube to keep each other updated during their long-distance relationship. The married pair then catapulted to fame when they uploaded a 5-minute video of a fox village in Zao. Their channel, Rachel and Jun, has since gained traction for its travel content.

rachel and jun travel vloggers
Image adapted from: Rachel and Jun

Since Rachel is an expat herself, the couple does well in rolling out easy-to-follow guides, tips, and things to do for foreigners. Some noteworthy mentions include vlogs on Japanese squat toilets and must-know Japanese words.

And if you have a soft spot for felines, get your dose of cuteness from their pet cats, Poki, Haku, and Nagi, on their channel.

YouTube channel
Subscriber count: 2.64M

5. Tokyo Lens – hidden spots in Tokyo

tokyo lens travel vloggers
Image adapted from:
Tokyo Lens

Norm Nakamura is a devoted shamisen (a three-stringed traditional Japanese instrument) player and has been vlogging full-time since 2018. His channel, Tokyo Lens, takes you through Tokyo’s lesser-known spots, as well as a comprehensive shamisen playlist. 

So if you’re on a lookout for Tokyo’s underground world or secret sakura sightseeing spots, you’ve come to the right channel.

Youtube channel
Subscriber count: 77.7K

6. Life Where I’m From – travel vlogs from the perspective of a kid

life where i'm from travel vloggers
Image adapted from:
Life Where I’m From

Life Where I’m From connects kids from across the globe for an insider look at the Japanese way of life. The channel is run by Canadian Greg Lam, while his kids, Aiko and Shun, take centre stage as talents and co-hosts. Because of its kid-centric perspective, Greg’s videos are incredibly easy to follow.

They have since dabbled in other Japanese content like travel, food, and documentaries on locals and expats living in Japan. Parents who intend to rope their kids in for a getaway will gain plenty of child-friendly inspo from Greg’s travel vlogs.

YouTube channel
Subscriber count: 1.25M

7. Paolo fromTOKYO – extensive travel content in Tokyo

paolo fromtokyo travel vloggers Image adapted from: Paolo fromTOKYO

If you’ve been browsing for travel content in Tokyo, Paolo’s infectious grin and his signature goatee may have popped up on your YouTube feed. Paolo fromTOKYO is now a household name within the online travel scene with over 1.19 million subscribers in April 2020 and viewership counts as high as 8 million per video. 

paolo fromtokyoImage adapted from: Paolo from TOKYO

From touristy guides to off-the-beaten-path spots in Japan, Paolo has everything a traveller needs with just a click. 

YouTube channel
Subscriber count: 1.19M

8. Abroad in Japan – exploring Japan via challenging missions 

abroad in japan travel vloggers
Image adapted from:
Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan presents a variety of Japanese travel content, but the channel’s most memorable series is the 2,000km Cycle Series. Chris, a British native, challenges himself on a two-month biking journey across Japan while completing absurd missions like navigating Kyoto with just a paper map or gorging on 7kg worth of Japanese fried chicken

If you prefer unscripted, spontaneous travel vlogs, Chris’ humorous personality and daring outlook might be just what you’re looking for.

Youtube channel
Subscriber count: 1.58M

9. Kimdao – female-centric Japanese content

kimdao travel vloggers
Image adapted from:

Japan is well-known for streetwear brands and must-have makeup and beauty products that are miles ahead of many other countries. But it can be difficult to keep up with all these trends, and that’s where Kimdao comes in. Her channel will give you the lowdown on the latest Japanese cosmetic products and shopping hauls.

But if you’re aren’t as invested in Japan’s beauty and fashion industry, Kim has also covered topics like souvenir shopping for cheap at Daiso and Tokyo Plaza in Shibuya.

YouTube channel
Subscriber count: 657K

10. Sharmeleon – life in Japan’s countryside

sharmeleon travel vloggers
Image adapted from:

Head to Sharla’s YouTube channel, Sharmeleon, for a detailed look at Northern Japan. From Aomori to Iwate Prefecture, the 34-year-old Canadian-born embarks on road trips to cover attractions that are neither mainstream nor touristy. She also does weekly updates of her life in the countryside.

YouTube channel
Subscriber count: 515K

Visiting Japan via travel vloggers

Watching Japanese travel vlogs on YouTube is a surefire way to beef up your knowledge before making the trip itself. But if you’re stuck at home or too broke to jet off, you can satiate your wanderlust free-of-charge on YouTube, thanks to these Japanese travel vloggers. 

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