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Toggle Hotel: A Vibrant Tokyo Hotel With Pantone Rooms To Match Your Mood

Toggle Hotel in Tokyo

Toggle Hotel is an aesthetic modern hotel located near the Metropolitan Expressway in bustling Tokyo. Situated in an urban landscape associated with concrete and dreariness, the hotel brings energetic hues to the area with its colourful two-toned theme that runs loyally from its exterior to its amenities. 

A hotel with a two-colour scheme

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Opened on 1st April 2021, Toggle Hotel is a vibrant hotel located along the busy Metropolitan Expressway in Tokyo. It was designed by Klein Dytham Architecture, a Tokyo-based architectural firm that also designed PokoPoko and Ginza Place.

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The hotel boasts a unique two-toned colour scheme. Their yellow-grey exterior utilises Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, the two 2021 Pantone Colours of the Year.

The dual colour combinations also extend into the hotel, where trippy hallways are half tinted a neutral grey, while the other half can be blue, pink, purple, or green.

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Room rates and facilities

The 85-room Toggle Hotel offers 12 room types in total. Like the hallways, the rooms boast interiors that are decked out in two accent colours. 

Pink-grey Loft Room A
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For example, Loft Room A has three colour combinations, one of which is pink and grey.

Green-beige Loft Room B
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Loft Room B similarly has three colour combinations, one of which is green-beige.

Both room types can accommodate up to three people, and are priced at ¥10,100 (~USD92.79) per night.

Blue-yellow Superior Room
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Meanwhile, one of the three colour combinations of the Superior Room is a dynamic contrast of yellow and blue reminiscent of a certain Swedish furniture company. It accommodates up to three people at a price of ¥11,600 (~USD106.57) per night.

Premier Fourth
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If you’re travelling in a group of four, book the Premier Fourth. The spacious room has a soothing green-beige colour scheme and costs ¥15,400 (~USD141.48) per night.

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All the rooms are furnished in a minimalist manner – not minimal – in order to reduce unnecessary waste, though you’d still find all the basic amenities in place. Speaking of amenities, even the toiletries are thoughtfully packaged in yellow and grey, similar to the hotel’s facade.

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Every room booking is eligible for a Breakfast & Stay plan with an additional top-up of ¥2,000 (~USD18.39) to the room price. Under this plan, you’re entitled to free breakfasts.

View all the available choices and book your desired room here.

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Head to the ninth floor, where you can find an aesthetic cafe that colours a green-grey colour scheme. It serves breakfast for overnight guests from 7AM-10AM. If you got the Breakfast & Stay option, this is where you’d get your breakfast bites.

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The cafe closes at 11PM daily, so you can conveniently grab a sandwich if your stomach before bed.

How to get to Toggle Hotel

Saturated with vibrant hues, Toggle Hotel breathes liveliness into the surrounding concrete landscape. Do consider an overnight stay here on your next trip to Tokyo.

Getting there: The hotel is about a three-minute walk from the West Exit of JR Suidobashi Station.
Address: 3 Chome-11-4 Iidabashi, Chiyoda City, 102-0072 Tokyo

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