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Studio Ghibli Director Hayao Miyazaki’s Broken Eraser Crisis Solved By Dedicated Fan

Studio Ghibli electric eraser

Studio Ghibli is a well-known animation studio that has produced many a childhood favourite film, but that legacy was put in jeopardy on 11 Jan 2022, when the electric eraser that director Hayao Miyazaki has been using for the longest time stopped working. 

Faced with this pressing problem, Studio Ghibli took to Twitter to put out a distress call regarding Miyazaki’s fabled electric eraser.

Hayao Miyazaki’s favourite electric eraser 

studio ghibli electric eraser - Hayao Miyazaki
Image credit: @aplasticpaper

The electric eraser in question is the RADIC RE-14800. However, the manufacturer of the electric eraser has discontinued the production of the RADIC RE-14800 model, much to the dismay of Studio Ghibli. 

The studio took to Twitter with a distress tweet. 

studio ghibli electric eraser - twitter crisis
Image adapted from: @JP_GHIBLI

The studio was desperate as Mr. Miyazaki was loath to start using modern models of electric erasers, but with the discontinuation of the eraser, salvation was nigh impossible.

Sakura Craypas to the rescue 

studio ghibli electric eraser - catalogue
Image adapted from: @1921_SAKURA

Japanese stationery manufacturer Sakura Colour Products Corporation, better known as Sakura Craypas, stepped up to help Mr Miyazaki in his search for a replacement. 

They announced on their Twitter that they had found the exact model of the electric eraser in an old catalogue of theirs, indicating that Sakura Craypas used to stock the product. 

studio ghibli electric eraser - twitter
Studio Ghibli’s response to Sakura Craypas’ announcement.
Image adapted from: @JP_GHIBLI

Studio Ghibli was quick to respond to Sakura Craypas with a Spirited Away duck picture to indicate their excitement. 

The studio didn’t have to wait long as a mere two days later, Sakura Craypas tweeted out a happy announcement that they managed to procure the electric eraser for Studio Ghibli from one of their factories.

studio ghibli electric eraser - model
Translation: Got it, Ghibli-san!
Image adapted from: @1921_SAKURA

Sakura Craypas later tweeted a picture of the “brand new” electric eraser, all ready to be sent to Studio Ghibli. 

studio ghibli electric eraser - twitter
Image adapted from: @JP_GHIBLI

Studio Ghibli tweeted, “What! The staff are so impressed and surprised. You brought it out of storage for us didn’t you… Thank you so much. We informed Mr. Miyazaki and he said, ‘Thank you!’. Please allow us to buy it from you.” 

The two companies continued their heartwarming exchange on Twitter, with Sakura Craypas offering the electric eraser to Studio Ghibli as a gift out of gratitude for continually using their products. Studio Ghibli responded saying that that was ridiculous and one of their staff would be contacting Sakura Craypas regarding payment.

Netizens were heartened by such an exchange, saying that this whole event was similar to something that might happen in a Studio Ghibli film, even going as far as to call it “Ghibli magic”. The magical happy ending to director Miyazaki’s initially tragic story has touched many fans. 

The unsung hero behind Sakura Craypas’ Twitter

A day after the whole saga, the person managing the Sakura Craypas Twitter spoke up, giving us more background on the heartwarming story. 

studio ghibli electric eraser - sakura crypts
Image adapted from: @1921_SAKURA

The staff tweeted, “I grew up watching Ghibli. When I was little, I had a fond memory of wanting to look like Kiki, so my mother went out of her way to find me a long, dark blue dress so I could take photos in the full outfit. And last week, when I saw Spirited Away, I thought that I absolutely had to go see the stage. I’m really glad I was on Twitter.” 

As Ghibli fans ourselves, it would be a great honour to be able to help the vaunted studio. We thank this person, as well as Sakura Craypas, for making sure that the hopes and dreams of other Ghibli fans can continue. 

Studio Ghibli safe with their new electric eraser

Now that the problem has been solved, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. What would the animated film industry be without the whimsical and magical world of Ghibli? A lot less colourful, that’s for sure. Be sure to check out Studio Ghibli’s upcoming anime film, How Will You Live?

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Cover image adapted from: @hayaomiyazaki and @JP_GHIBLI