Miyazaki Hayao at Ghibli Park

The much-anticipated Ghibli Park finally opened its doors on 1st November 2022, and its magical attractions weren’t the only thing that were making headlines. Miyazaki Hayao, co-founder of Studio Ghibli and director of many of its beloved films, caused a stir when he walked casually into the frame of a live news streaming.

As it turned out, the white-aproned figure was not the man of the hour, but an impersonator in a Miyazaki garb. 

Miyazaki Hayao seemingly sighted at Ghibli Park

Miyazaki Hayao Ghibli Park - news
Image adapted from: CBC News

During a reporting by CBC News, an eyebrow-raising passerby was captured on live television just as the cameraman was zooming in on the facade of Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse. 

Miyazaki Hayao Ghibli Park - miyazaki hayao smiling
The real Miyazaki Hayao.
Image credit: NHK

Donning a white apron and sauntering nonchalantly, the bespectacled person in question looked just like the famed Miyazaki Hayao so much so that the cameraman was momentarily stunned. During an interview which followed, he shared that he noticed an old man coming into the shot and mistook him for the Studio Ghibli director. 

Though flustered, he tried to keep his cool and focused on the live broadcast. Upon reviewing the footage afterwards, he expressed amusement at how clear the entire sequence was captured.

Turns out to be a comedian cosplaying as the director   

Miyazaki Hayao Ghibli Park - izumi poo Image credit: @takeshi_tsuruno

After the rare occurrence went viral on Twitter, it was revealed that the man is in fact a comedian who’s impersonating Miyazaki. Going by the stage name of Izumi Poo (いずみ包), the 47-year-old impersonator was sighted around the free area on the opening day. 

According to the same interview done by CBC News, Izumi Poo drove 6 hours from Saitama to Nagakute, where Ghibli Park is located. If that is not dedication, we don’t know what is. 

Miyazaki Hayao Ghibli Park - izumi poo and miyazaki hayao
Izumi Poo (left) and Miyazaki Hayao (right).

Image adapted from: @poizm and Eiga Natalie

When asked about his thoughts on the newly opened facility, Izumi Poo replied that he wasn’t able to get his hands on the admission tickets – to which the interviewer quipped that the park’s ticket lottery system is so competitive that “even relatives are unable to secure one”. 

Miyazaki Hayao Ghibli Park - izumi poo in front of the grand warehouseImage credit: @poizm

Thankfully, it shouldn’t be long before the comedian can immerse himself in the magical Ghibli world. On the same day, he revealed on a Twitter post that he will be working part time at the Grand Warehouse. 

Hopefully, this isn’t the last we’ll see of his Miyazaki cosplay. 

Miyazaki Hayao appears at Ghibli Park

Halloween may be over this year, but that certainly did not stop Izumi Poo from nailing the Miyazaki cosplay – from his costume and right down to the animator’s mannerism. Here’s hoping he can bring some of our favourite Ghibli characters to life next. 

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Cover image adapted from: CBC News

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