Loaf Bakery in Osaka

We all work to get our daily bread, and if you’re looking to spend your dough, Loaf Bakery is a good choice. Located in Osaka, the bakery also houses a cafe-cum-restaurant on the 2nd floor, making it a perfect one-stop shop for those with a bigger appetite. 

Relaxing environment to enjoy your bread

Loaf Bakery - bakery exterior
Image adapted from: @とんとん

The interior of Loaf Bakery is illuminated with warm yellow lighting, providing comfort to your strained eyes which may be tired from staring at digital devices all day.

Loaf Bakery - bakery interior
Image credit: @戸田達也

Every now and then, the bakery changes up their bread line-up. For example, the bakery rolled out a cream bun on a Friday, which was a sweet TGIF treat to mark the end of a fruitful week.

Loaf Bakery - cream bun
Cream bun.
Image credit: @loaf.bakery

Pull apart the bun and you’ll find it filled to the brim with rich custard cream, which gives a similar satisfaction to seeing a delightfully runny chocolate lava ooze

Loaf Bakery - rich custard cream oozing
Image adapted from: @loaf.bakery

Cute seasonal desserts

From time to time, Loaf Bakery releases seasonal desserts that are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. One example is the Mont Blanc Parfait (¥1,650, ~USD11.07), which utilises Japanese chestnuts sourced from Ehime Prefecture and features a pair of bear-shaped financiers sitting adorably in a glass. The dainty dessert was sold from late February to early March this year, limited to 15 glasses a day. 

Loaf Bakery - mont blanc parfait
Image credit: @loaf.bakery

That said, it is not uncommon to see popular desserts making a comeback. For instance, a summer dessert – a fruit tart – was brought back due to its immense popularity the previous year. 

Loaf Bakery - summer dessert brought back due to its popularity
The summer dessert that was brought back due to its popularity.
Image credit: @loaf.bakery 

Aside from the limited-edition desserts, Loaf Bakery also sells festive desserts, ranging from that for Father’s Day to April Fool’s. Given how aesthetic they are, the desserts are bound to make you ecstatic.

Loaf Bakery - collage of festive desserts
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, and April Fool’s.
Image adapted from: @loaf.bakery, @loaf.bakery, @loaf.bakery, @loaf.bakery

Fun fact: Loaf Bakery decided to make a fish-shaped dessert for April Fool’s because the occasion is actually called “April’s Fish” in French.

Cafe & restaurant on the 2nd floor

Loaf Bakery - map of interior
Image credit: Balnibarbi 

On the 2nd floor, you’ll find a cafe-cum-restaurant where they serve up varied dishes during lunch and dinner hours. There’s also a fixed regular cafe menu that offers a wide selection of desserts, juices, and coffee. We recommend ordering a latte just for the adorable latte art – if you’re lucky, Totoro may come home to you.

Loaf Bakery - collage of latte art
Image adapted from: @loaf_cafe_bakery

The lunch menu includes both pasta of the day and pasta of the week. A previous pasta of the week was pasta with pancetta, mushroom, and white sauce.

Loaf Bakery - pasta with pancetta, mushroom, and white sauce
The pasta with pancetta, mushroom, and white sauce.
Image credit: @loaf_cafe_bakery

As for the dinner menu, choose from a wide range of options such as warm or cold appetisers, steak, salad, pizza, and fried finger food.

Getting to Loaf Bakery

Situated near the Toyonaka campus of Osaka University, Loaf Bakery is a 7-minute walk from Ishibashi Handaimae Station, which is accessible via the Hankyu Takarazuka Line and Hankyū Minō Line

Loaf Bakery
Address: 1F Seifuso, 2 Chōme-4-23, Toyonaka, 560-0041 Osaka
Opening Hours: 9am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 06-6842-2218 | Loaf Bakery website

Loaf Cafe
Address: 2F Seifuso, 2 Chōme-4-23, Toyonaka, 560-0041 Osaka
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm & 5pm-10pm (Last order at 9pm) | Sat & Sun 9am-10.30am, 11am-3pm, & 5pm-10pm (Last order at 9pm)
Contact: 06-6842-2217 | Loaf Cafe website

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Cover image adapted from: @戸田達也, @loaf.bakery, @loaf.bakery

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