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9 Free Japanese Horror Games For Mobile Phones So You Don’t Just Play Genshin Impact

Free Japanese horror games

Japan has produced many popular horror games, such as Silent Hill and Corpse Party. However, not all of them are accessible to the masses. Some are only available on PC, while others are locked behind paywalls. To let more people enjoy the J-horror genre, here are nine free Japanese horror games you can play on your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

1. The Jusou

free japanese horror games - the jusou
Image adapted from: EDGES LLC

The Jusou tells the tale of a house that has remained empty over the past ten years. It is only recently that there’s a strange presence detected in the house. You, being an inquisitive one, decide to investigate what’s wrong. 

free japanese horror games - the jusou screen
Image adapted from EDGES LLC

Upon stepping into the house, you’ll soon realise that there’s a gruesome story underlying the eerie residence. You’re supposed to collect letters and artefacts around the house to uncover what has happened. Through the process, you’ll also encounter challenging puzzles and horrifying jumpscares.

Available on: Android

2. 444回目のただい – Just 444 Times

free japanese horror games - just 444 times
Image adapted from: GLOBAL GEAR, K.K.

Japanese dolls tread a thin line between being cute and downright creepy. In the case of 444回目のただい, the doll featured in the game definitely belongs to the latter category.

free japanese horror games - just 444 times screen
Image adapted from: GLOBAL GEAR, K.K.

The horror saga begins when you’re given a seemingly innocuous doll on your birthday, only to feel increasingly creeped out by its presence.

free japanese horror games - just 444 times hanger
Image adapted from: GLOBAL GEAR, K.K.

Out of fear, you attempt to discard the doll. But to do so, you have to lower the doll’s HP by collecting materials such as ropes and charms. Once the doll’s HP is empty, you can choose a location to discard it.

free japanese horror games - just 444 times doll returns
Image adapted from: GLOBAL GEAR, K.K.

However, each time you discard the doll, it will find its way back into the house. There are also unexpected jumpscares accompanying its return, so do be prepared for that.

Over time, as the discard count increases, the doll’s appearance will also become more and more hideous. Good luck – you’ll need it.

Available on: iOS, Android

3. 赤い女 – The Girl In Red

free japanese horror games - the girl in red
Image adapted from: EDGES LLC

In 赤い女, you find yourself trapped in an old public toilet where a bloodstained suitcase hangs from the ceiling. Hidden in the toilet are various items you’ll have to find in order to uncover a gruesome tale involving the dangers of obsessive love.

free japanese horror games - the girl in red toilet
Image adapted from: EDGES LLC

One of the items that can aid you greatly in understanding the story is a cell phone, through which a mysterious person will text you, send you photos, and even call you.

free japanese horror games - the girl in red text messages
Image adapted from: EDGES LLC

Available on: iOS, Android

4. 呪人(ノロイビト)  – Curse

free japanese horror games - curse
Image adapted from: Happygamer K.K.

In 呪人, you play as a female high school student, Sakura, who has the ability to sense spirits.

One day, your friend Kasumi begs you to head to an abandoned house to exorcise the spirits in there. Your initial reluctance eventually gives way when Kasumi promises to keep you safe by handing you a vial of special holy water that can be used to exorcise the evil spirits.

free japanese horror games - curse screen
Image adapted from: Happygamer K.K.

Throughout the game, you’ll explore the house and attempt to use the holy water to defeat the spirits that come your way. Each time you defeat a spirit, you earn points. The points are essentially your currency – you can use them to buy special items and strengthen your exorcising abilities.

Available on: iOS

5. 学校の七不思議 – The Seven School Mysteries

free japanese horror games - seven schools
Image adapted from: Mikio Samejima

学校の七不思議 is a classic horror escape game taking place in an old school campus. You’re to find various items and solve seven puzzles in order to get out of the creepy building. While the gameplay may be rather conventional, the game excels in creating a spooky ambience through chilling SFX and relatively good graphics.

Available on: iOS

6. 無影灯 – Shadowless Light

free japanese horror games - shadowless light
Image adapted from: Zyzax

An abandoned hospital is never a good place to land yourself in. Unfortunately, in 無影灯, you find yourself in this predicament as a newbie reporter tasked to research the location.

free japanese horror games - shadowless light gameplay
Image adapted from: Zyzax

Amidst haunting darkness, you will attempt to figure out what has transpired in the run-down hospital, all the while searching for a way out.

Available on: iOS, Android

7. 体験する都市伝説 – トシデン – Urban Legends

free japanese horror games - urban legends
Image adapted from: Global Gear, K.K.

Japan has many creepy urban legends, and you can learn about them firsthand through this horror simulation game called 体験する都市伝説. To put it more specifically, the game recreates popular tales using mainly first-person narration and some visuals.

free japanese horror games - urban legends gameplay
Image adapted from: Global Gear, K.K.

One of the tales includes the story of the infamous Kisaragi Station. The story involves a passenger who ends up at the station one day, only to realise that the train station doesn’t exist. 

free japanese horror games - urban legends
Image adapted from: Global Gear, K.K.

Another tale revolves around Satoru-kun, a Japanese spirit that takes the form of a young boy. It is said that by following certain procedures, you can summon Satoru-kun and he will answer any questions you have. However, if you look at or touch him, you’d die.

Do note that the in-game text are all in Japanese. If you can’t read Japanese, you may want to have someone around who can translate the story, so that you know what’s happening.

Available on: iOS, Android

8. Stop


free japanese horror games - stop
Image adapted from: capsule+

Stop is an audio novel game about a mysterious lady in white, who stands before your car in the middle of the road at night, asking you to “save” her. Obviously, there’s a possibility that she’s lying and intending to harm you.

Depending on what you choose to do from then on, you’d end up with different endings.

Available on: iOS, Android

9. 迷ぃ猫、母猫ヲ捜ス旅 – Lost Kitten’s Journey To Find Its Mother

free japanese horror games - lost kitten
Image adapted from: tai takana

Unlike most horror games that attempt to frighten you using jumpscares and gore, 迷ぃ猫、母猫ヲ捜ス旅 is a short game that borders on psychological horror. In other words, while you won’t be jumpscared into throwing your phone onto the ground during the game, you will still be creeped out.

In the game, you play as a kitten searching for its missing mother. On your journey, you come across weird-looking monsters that are made of hands, eyes, and even the Glico sign. Perhaps, these trippy visuals are metaphors for mankind, who can never resist petting a roaming feline.

Available on: iOS

Free Japanese horror games that will make you lose sleep at night

There’s always a sense of thrill behind scaring ourselves, and you can enjoy that rush of adrenaline with these free Japanese horror games on your phone. Do note that we’re not liable for any damage that happens to your phone if you accidentally fling it to the ground in the middle of a game.

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