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Attack On Titan’s Iconic Fall Of Wall Maria Scene Gets Recreated In Real Life, Takes Fans Back To 2009

Attack on Titan in real life

Since Attack on Titan’s successful anime debut in 2013, fans of the series have been trying to picture themselves in the world of giant human-eating monsters. 

But it’s hard to replicate the sheer terror of having a titan insidiously towering over you. So, Attack on Titan has kindly done its fans a favour by working with Oita Prefecture to reproduce the anime series’ iconic Fall of Wall Maria scene, which marked the start of titans’ invasion.

Attack on Titan statue

Attack on Titan is an acclaimed original manga-cum-anime series by Hajime Isayama. The manga was first serialised in 2009 and has gained fandoms both locally and globally. 

Attack on Titan in real life - Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan's author
Author of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama.
Image adapted from: BBC News

Attack on Titan’s plot starts off with the infamous Fall of Wall Maria scene, where a 60m-tall Colossal Titan leads the invasion of human civilisation past the 50m-tall Wall Maria. In this scene, the Colossal Titan grabs the top of Wall Maria and creepily peers over the fortress.

Attack on Titan in real life - colossal titan closeup anime
The 60m-tall Colossal Titan breaching Wall Maria.
Image adapted from: Kodansha and Wit Studio

The Wall Maria invasion marks a turning point in Attack on Titan’s storyline, for humans can no longer peacefully coexist with the titans. And to celebrate Attack on Titan’s 10th anniversary in 2019, the Attack on Hita Revitalization Conference decided to recreate the iconic Fall of Wall Maria scene in real life. 

A collective statue of the story’s main protagonists – Armin, Eren, and Mikasa – was built in Hita City, Isayama’s hometown and source of inspiration. 

Attack on Titan in real life - statue of armin, eren, and mikasa
Statue of Attack on Titan’s main protagonists, Armin, Eren, and Mikasa.
Image adapted from: @Hitoshi_iso

You can find the statue of the 3 main protagonists in front of the Oyama Dam, which represents Wall Maria in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan in real life - oyama dam
Aerial view of Oyama Dam, which represents Wall Maria in Attack of Titan.
Image credit: 講談社/進撃の日田まちおこし会議/T&S Ltd

Visitors to the site posted pictures of themselves and the 3 main protagonists standing before “Wall Maria” and awaiting the fearsome Colossal Titan’s appearance with bated breath, just like in the anime.

Attack on Titan in real life - collage of comparison between anime and irl fall of wall maria sceneImage adapted from: Wit Studio and @sebun_XSR900

AR app simulates Colossal Titan’s appearance

For an even more immersive first-hand experience of the Fall of Maria in Attack of Titan, download the Attack on Titan in Hita app and enable GPS tracking. Then, launch the app to see a Colossal Titan beyond Wall Maria, rendered in augmented reality (AR).

Attack on Titan in real life - AR app with colossal titan
Manifestation of the Colossal Titan at Oyama Dam using the Attack on Titan in Hita app.
Image credit: @pppukutam_poke

Users of the Attack on Titan in Hita app have marvelled at the AR function.

Attack on Titan in real life - tweet review of the statue in real life and the VR app
Image adapted from: @sayu_ere

User @sayu_ere wrote, “Got excited when I saw the bronze statues. The workmanship was extremely detailed. I want a miniature version. Thankfully, there weren’t as many stairs as I thought. I was expecting a lot of walking since it’s at a dam. The AR was extremely good, too. Super big titan. Using the monochrome filter makes it look like a manga.”

Experience Attack on Titan in real life

For fans of the series who wish to better understand the main protagonists of Attack on Titan, it’s not too late to be your own change. Experience the Fall of Wall Maria with the help of AR and hype yourself up for the continuation of Attack on Titan’s storyline, just in time for Season 4 Part 3’s release in 2023. 

The statue site by Oyama Dam is a 20-minute drive from Hita Station.

Address: 2991 Oyamamachi Nishioyama, Hita City, 877-0201 Oita

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Cover image adapted from: 講談社/進撃の日田まちおこし会議/T&S Ltd and @pppukutam_poke