Tanushimaru Station

In Japan, it’s common to pay tribute to mythical creatures through statues and paintings. But things get real when an entire train station is modelled after a mythical creature. If you love kappa – Japanese mythological creatures that love cucumbers – Tanushimaru Station might just be your kappa tea. You’ll see why.

Kappa monuments

Located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Tanushimaru Town is believed to be the birthplace of the kappa (河童; river child) legend. Among the town’s numerous tributes to the mythical creature is Tanushimaru Station, which has a green roof reminiscent of a kappa’s head dish and a sheltered entrance that resembles its yellow beak.

To top it off, the train station has 2 oval windows that represent the kappa’s eyes.

Tanushimaru Station - station exterior
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Near the station, you’ll find numerous kappa monuments. Some are cute and small while others are alarmingly large, but all of them make for great photo spots

Tanushimaru Station - kappa monuments
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One such monument is located within Tanushimaru Station. The said kappa dons a railway uniform cap and a sash that says “Kappa Station” in Japanese, and it tirelessly keeps watch at the station, come rain or shine.

Kappa-themed cafe

Tanushimaru Station - kapateria cafe
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Tanushimaru Station houses the Kapateria cafe, which – as you might have guessed from its name, is kappa-themed. The cafe’s cosy interior is livened up with miniature figurines of the aquatic folkloric figure – they’re so cute that you’d almost forget that kappa can become malicious in some tales.

Tanushimaru Station - kappa macarons kappa curry
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The cafe’s menu offers a wide range of kappa-themed food items, including Kappa macarons (¥630, ~USD4.31) that come in sets of 3 and Kappa curry (¥1,200, ~USD8.20), which is only sold on weekends.

Tanushimaru Station - smoothie
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If you choose to visit Kapateria on an unbearably hot days, consider refreshing yourself with their Kapateria smoothie (¥1,200, ~USD8.20) and homemade gelato (¥200, ~USD1.37)

Spend a day at Tanushimaru Station

The adorable Tanushimaru Station is a great getaway from the metropolis’ monochromatic and cookie-cutter train stations. Before you leave, make sure to dine at Kapateria, the station’s in-house cafe, and treat yourself to a well-deserved break with kappa-themed food.

Tanushimaru Station
Address: 1015-2 Tanushimaru Town, Kurume City, 839-1233 Fukuoka

Address: 1015-2 Tanushimaru Town, Kurume City, 839-1233 Fukuoka
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 10am-5pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: 0943-72-5225 | Kapateria website

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