La Collina Omihachiman

Situated in the middle of a seemingly neverending field, La Collina Ōmihachiman delivers an organic farm-to-table dining experience by highlighting the process of what it takes to create top-notch confectionery.

Infrastructure intertwined with nature

La Collina Ōmihachiman aims to continuously integrate nature with business so that consumers will see its packaged food items beyond “artificial”. Consequently, the confectionery store is located amidst a grassy area in Shiga Prefecture, where no other commercial businesses are in sight.

Apart from being located rurally, La Collina Ōmihachiman also incorporates natural elements in the infrastructure of its store. For instance, the 2-storey main shop has a grass-covered hill-shaped roof that blends in with the surrounding mountainscape.

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Zoom out or quickly scroll past the next paragraph and image if you have trypophobia – you have been warned.

On the 2nd floor of the La Collina Ōmihachiman main shop is a cafe with a charcoal-dotted ceiling. These charcoal pieces are meant to resemble ants, to which the confectionery store’s owners have attributed symbolic significance. According to the owners, it’s because they wish for humans to thrive in both natural and urbanised areas, just like ants.

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Additionally, La Collina Ōmihachiman has a playful wall installation that bears a tiny door at the bottom, akin to something that a cottagecore Doraemon would pull out of its pocket.

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Nearby, there’s an owl-themed stall that sells several snacks including Fukujuimo, which is made from sweet potatoes.

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Baumkuchen snacks

At La Collina Ōmihachiman, it’s a must to try their signature baumkuchen. The snack is made on-site, and visitors can observe its preparatory process through the transparent walls of the main shop’s kitchen on the 1st floor.

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La Collina Ōmihachiman sells packaged baumkuchen in various sizes – a personal-sized baumkuchen costs ¥518 (~USD3.45). Check out the store’s comprehensive baumkuchen price list here.

Personal-sized baumkuchen.
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If you can’t bear waiting until you get home to taste a little baumkuchen, try the main shop’s Baum Soft (¥600, ~USD3.99), which is a soft serve ice cream topped with a baumkuchen biscuit, or set of 6 Baum Sablé (¥708, ~USD4.71) cookies.

Baum Soft & Baum Sablé.
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Alternatively, head to the main shop’s cafe on the 2nd floor to enjoy some sliced baumkuchen while appreciating the scenery. At the cafe, baumkuchen is sold as a set for ¥1,170 (~USD7.79), which comes with a drink.

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Getting to La Collina Omihachiman

Located in Shiga Prefecture, La Collina Ōmihachiman can be accessed via a 10-minute bus ride from Ōmihachiman Station. First, leave the station through the north exit. Then, head to bus stop no. 6 and board the Ōmi Railway bus bound for Chōmeiji. Lastly, alight at the Kitanoshō La Collinamae bus stop. You can find the Ōmi Railway bus schedule here.

Before you leave, consider dropping by the confectionery store’s unique bus-themed gift shop. The shop sells several items such as Baum Pie (¥1,100, ~USD7.32), which comes in sets of 8 in a baumkuchen-shaped pouch.

Gift shop & Baum Pie.
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Address: 615-1 Kitanoshōchō, Ōmihachiman City, 523-8533 Shiga
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Daily
Contact: 0748-33-6666 | La Collina Ōmihachiman website

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