Shokujidokoro Musashi in Iwakuni

Part of what makes an ice cream run so fun is standing before the display, deliberating over the menu, before finally settling on a killer flavour combo. With over 190 flavours to choose from, Shokujidokoro Musashi (食事処むさし) is every ice cream lover’s dream come true – unless indecisiveness is the bane of your existence. 

190 flavours of ice cream   

Shokujidokoro Musashi - ice cream display
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Located in Iwakuni, a city in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Shokujidokoro Musashi has earned itself quite a reputation for the sheer variety of flavours it offers. The little ice cream shop was even once featured on Nanikore Chin Hyakkei, a popular variety show that introduces peculiar sights from all over Japan. 

Shokujidokoro Musashi - menuImage credit: @yusuetsugu

Initially, Shokujidokoro Musashi offered only 100 flavours, which is already an impressive number in its own right. Over time, new flavours were added to the existing line-up, culminating in a whopping 190 flavours today. 

Shokujidokoro Musashi - displayImage credit: @chiyokofujimoto

Colourful food replicas of soft serve ice cream are displayed at the storefront, making for a welcoming sight for anyone looking for a sweet icy treat. 

Shokujidokoro Musashi - strawberry soft serve
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Options range from normal flavours such as vanilla and chocolate, to more unorthodox ones such as nattō (Japanese fermented soybeans), wasabi, and even ramen. 

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Prices are relatively affordable at ¥350 (~USD2.44) to ¥550 (~USD3.83) per cone, which means you can go for seconds if you’re still feeling peckish after the first. 

Dine-in space with local dishes available

Shokujidokoro Musashi - lotus kawara soba
Lotus kawara soba.
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Besides the sheer amount of soft serve flavours, the shop also serves up authentic dishes that are native to the region. The lotus kawara soba (蓮根麺瓦そば) is their rendition of kawara soba, a Yamaguchi speciality where noodles are cooked and served on a traditional clay roof tile.

A single portion costs
¥1,400 (~USD9.76), while a serving for 2 costs ¥2,500 (~USD17.43)

Shokujidokoro Musashi - iwakuni sushi and soba
Iwakuni sushi on the left.
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You can also get a taste of Iwakuni sushi (岩国寿司), a square-shaped pressed sushi that comes in alternate layers of rice and a medley of toppings. Opt for it as a side dish (¥600, ~USD4.18), or as part of a set meal (¥1,100- ¥3,000, ~USD7.67- USD20.90).

Getting to Shokujidokoro Musashi

Shokujidokoro Musashi - storefront
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Shokujidokoro Musashi is located near Kintai Bridge, a magnificent bridge comprising 5 arches. From Iwakuni Station, take Bus 11, 21, 22, 32, or 52, and alight at Kintaikyō bus stop. The ride will take around 15 minutes and costs ¥300 (~USD3.49). From there, it’s a 4-minute walk to the ice cream shop. 

Address: 2 Chome-1-23 Yokoyama, Iwakuni, 741-0081 Yamaguchi
Opening hours: 9am-5pm, Daily
Contact: 0827-43-6340

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Cover image adapted from: @kn.aoyumama, @yusuetsugu

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