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KitKat Japan Now Has A Giant Cosy Futon & Suitcase Just Like The Iconic Snack For You To #HaveABreak

KitKat Japan releases giant futon

With autumn arriving in many parts of the world, snuggling under the blanket will soon be an indispensable part of our morning routines. But instead of boring old duvets, keep yourself warm while looking cute with KitKat’s giant futon that’s designed after their iconic red wrapper.  

KitKat futons designed after the candy wrapper

KitKat Futon- blanket and mattressImage adapted from: KitKat Japan

Designed after the iconic chocolate treat, the bedding set consists of a shikibuton (敷布団) and kakebuton (掛け布団), which are the floor mattress and comforter respectively. The shikibuton, which looks just like a pair of chocolate-covered wafer bars, measures 100cm in width and 210cm in length. 

KitKat Futon
Image adapted from: KitKat Japan

The set is then completed with a striking red blanket which is modelled after the candy wrapper. Adorned with the KitKat logo and even details like jagged edges, the quilt envelops you cosily to ensure you have sweet dreams on chilly nights.  

Carry-on KitKat suitcase also available

KitKat Futon - cabin sized suitcase
Image credit: KitKat Japan

Other than the giant futon, KitKat Japan is also releasing a cabin-sized suitcase that’s perfect for your next vacation trip. Like most luggages, it comes in a handy size and with a TSA lock to keep your souvenirs safe. 

KitKat Futon- close up of suitcase
Image credit: KitKat Japan

Besides being functional, the suitcase is designed to look like a pack of 2-finger biscuit bars that’s slightly unwrapped to reveal the chocolatey goodness hidden within. You’ll never have to worry about being unable to spot your luggage on the conveyor belt ever again. 

How to get the KitKat futon and suitcase 

KitKat Futon - mini gift can
Mini Gift Can.
Image credit: KitKat Japan

Both the futon and suitcase are available as part of a campaign that’s held at Don Quijote outlets nationwide from 1st November to 1st December 2022. To get your hands on these, all you have to do is spend ¥2,700 (~USD18.38) on eligible KitKat products, and pay using Majica, an electronic money system, in order to enter the lucky draw. 

Aside from the usual line-up of KitKat, eligible products include a newly released Mini Gift Can (¥1,458, ~USD9.92) that comes stuffed with 20 KitKat bars. Fans of the brand can also look forward to the Mini Retro Can (¥540, ~USD3.67), which pays homage to the old KitKat packaging. 

KitKat Futon - mini retro can
designed Mini Retro Can.
Image credit: KitKat Japan

30 winners will be selected for the futon set and suitcase respectively, and prizes will be mailed out in early February 2023.

KitKat Japan releases giant futon

The campaign has already started nationwide. If luck’s on your side, you’ll soon be nibbling KitKats while snuggling in the adorable futon set, or going on your next trip with a luggage that is the embodiment of #HaveABreak

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Cover image adapted from: KitKat Japan