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8 Japanese Farms Where You Can Live Out Your Dutch Milkmaid Dreams, Plaid Dresses Not Included

Japanese farms to visit

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s only natural that we just wish we could escape to the countryside and live out our Heidi dreams sometimes. With this collection of enchanting Japanese farms, we can fulfil that fantasy

1. Farm Tomita

Japanese farmsImage credit: @farm_tomita_official via Instagram

Farm Tomita is a lavender farm in Hokkaido, Japan, that specialises in lavender cultivation. This highly popular sightseeing spot is not only known for its vast lavender field, but also products derived from lavender as well, including ice cream and perfume. 

Japanese farmsImage credit: @farm_tomita_official via Instagram

Apart from lavender, the farm also cultivates a whole assortment of other flowers, resulting in rainbow-coloured fields where visitors can walk through and take many gorgeous aesthetic photos.

Japanese farmsImage credit: @farm_tomita_official via Instagram

There are also flower fields dedicated to each season, so no matter the time of the year they visit, visitors will have beautiful scenery to admire.

Japanese farms
Image credit: Farm Tomita

The farm houses a cafe that serves up food made from the flowers grown on it. Get the lavender soft serve, a creamy, milk-based ice cream with a strong lavender aroma. It’s available in cones (¥350, ~USD2.62 each) and cups (¥300, ~USD2.25 each).

Address: 15 Kisenkita, Nakafurano, Sorachi District, Hokkaido 071-0704, Japan
Opening hours: 9am-4.30pm, Daily (Irregular hours, check the website for more details)
Contact: 167-39-3939

2. Mother Farm

Japanese farmsImage credit: @motherfarm_official via Instagram

Located in the Chiba prefecture, Mother Farm is one of the region’s most visited attractions. The family-friendly farm has lots of activities for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

Japanese farmsImage credit: @motherfarm_official via Instagram

Situated on the top of the Boso Hills, Mother Farm boasts a gorgeous view of a vast meadowland that’s covered in colourful blooms when spring hits. It is also home to a farm and a petting zoo, which has cuddly animals – ranging from rabbits to hedgehogs – for visitors to interact with.

Japanese farmsImage credit: @motherfarm_official via Instagram

Guests can also enjoy exciting animal shows, which include duck parades, sheep runs, and pig races. The sheep show, which is perhaps their most famous event, features 19 different species of sheep from around the world.

Japanese farmsImage credit: @motherfarm_official via Instagram

Visitors who wish to stay for a longer time at the farm can also go glamping in one of Mother Farm’s impeccably furnished domed tents which overlooks the beautiful hilltop scenery.

Admission: ¥1,500 (~USD11.23) for adults, ¥800 (~USD5.99) for children aged 4 to 12
Address: 940-3 Tagura, Futtsu, Chiba 299-1731
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-4.30pm | Sat & Sun 9am-5pm
Contact: 439-37-3211

3. Kodomo no Kuni Farm

Japanese farms
Image credit: Kodomo no Kuni Farm

Located in Yokohama, Japan, the Kodomo no Kuni Farm is a kid-friendly ranch that allows visitors to learn more about the intricacies of farm life. Besides the farm, where guests can meet adorable sheep and cows, the park also has a petting zoo where you can interact with all sorts of small animals, such as guinea pigs and chickens. 

Japanese farms
Image credit: Kodomo no Kuni Farm

They also offer pony rides (¥400, ~USD2.99) for more adventurous children to experience the joys of farm life. Horseback riding at ¥550 (~USD4.11) is also available for adults who want to get in on the fun.

Japanese farms
Image adapted from: Kodomo no Kuni Farm

Kodomo no Kuni Farm also lets guests experience churning their own butter and milking cows. Do note this is only held at 11am and 2pm on weekends and public holidays, and is limited to 50 visitors on a first-come-first-served basis.

Admission: ¥600 (~USD4.49) for adults, ¥200 (~USD1.50) for middle and elementary school kids, ¥100 (~USD0.75) for children aged 3 and above
Address: 700, Nara-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama 227-0036
Opening hours: Thu-Tue 9.30am-4.30pm (Last admission at 3.30pm) (Sep-Jun) | Thu-Tue 9.30am-5pm (Last admission at 4pm) (Jul & Aug) (Closed on Wednesdays, 31st December & 1st January) 
Contact: 045-962-0511

4. Hanabata Farm

Japanese farms
Image credit: @yuumi_h17 via Instagram

One of the most well-known farms in Hokkaido, Japan, Hanabata Farm is less of an amusement park, and more of a producer of high-quality farm products. 

Of course, visitors are always welcome to tour the farm and learn more about how their products are made. They specialise in producing milk products like raclette cheese, as well as the rearing of whey pigs. They also hold farm shows occasionally, where ranch staff will introduce the animals on the farm to guests.

Japanese farms
Image adapted from: Hanabatake Farm

The farm is famous for their freshly made food products, such as their caramel candy (¥660, ~USD4.94), a range of artisan cheese made from Tokachi milk (¥110-¥1,350, ~USD0.82-USD10.09), as well as whey pork (¥518-¥842, ~USD3.87-USD6.29), and a variety of snacks.

Japanese farms
Image credit: @happy.taiwan via Instagram

Visitors are welcome to try out their freshly made cheese and other milk products – including the famous Hokkaido ice cream – while enjoying the glorious views. 

Address: 331-6 Motosatsunai Higasho Yonsen, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido
Opening hours: 10am-4pm, Daily
Contact: 0120-929-187

5. Naitai Highland Farm

Japanese farms
Image credit: @a.s77_film via Instagram

Situated on the highlands of Mount Naitai, Naitai Highland Farm is Japan’s second-largest public farm. The farm is a simple establishment that consists of a rest which, serves food and drinks, as well as an open terrace where guests can enjoy the gorgeous view of the mountainside.

Japanese farms
Image credit: @strawberry.mango17 via Instagram

The farm has over 2,700 cows in their herd and is famous for its high-quality and freshly produced milk and dairy products. Coupled with the amazing views, a visit to Naitai Highland Farm makes for a peaceful and tranquil experience for folks who need to take a break from the busy city life.

Japanese farms
Image credit: @yasu_eat_8 via Instagram

Address: Kamiotofuke, Kamishihoro, Kato District, Hokkaido 080-1407, Japan
Opening hours: 7am-7pm, Daily (Jun-Sep) | 7am-6pm, Daily (May & Oct)
Contact: 90-3398-5049

6. Minamigaoka Dairy Farm

Japanese farmsImage credit: Minamigaoka Farm

Minamigaoka Dairy Farm is located in the Nasu District of the Tochigi prefecture, and boasts a wide assortment of fresh dairy products.

Japanese farms
Image credit: Minamigaoka Farm

The farm is also home to a variety of animals, both regular household pets and farm animals alike. Visitors can interact with these animals at the petting zoo section , and get to play with rabbits, guinea pigs and other cuddly friends. Admission costs ¥250 (~USD1.87), and you can spend an extra ¥100 (~USD0.75) on animal feed.

Japanese farms
Image adapted from: Minamigaoka Farm

For the adventurous, horseback riding is available for the adults and donkey-riding for the younger ones at a small fee of ¥850 (~USD6.35) per pax.

There’s even a fishing pond where you can fish for trout. Simply fork out ¥300 (~USD2.24) for the fishing pole and bait. But if you’d like to bring home your catch for the day, an additional ¥600 (~USD4.49) is chargeable per fish. Alternatively, pay the same amount to grill and enjoy the fresh trout on the spot.

Address: 579 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi 325-0301, Japan
Opening hours: 8am-5.30pm, Daily
Contact: 287-76-2150

7. Oyama Makiba Milk Village

Image credit: Oyama Makiba Milk Village

Located in the Saihaku District of Kobayashi, Japan, Oyama Makiba Milk Village is the producer of many amazing milk products. Coupled with an amazing view, the farm is the perfect place for the family to spend their weekend at. 

Image credit: Oyama Makiba Milk Village

For a more hands-on experience, visitors can try their hand at making a range of items with the fresh ingredients provided by the farm. Workshops to make products such as ice cream (¥1,600, ~USD11.95), milk pudding (¥1,600, ~USD11.95), butter (¥600, ~USD4.48), and even crepes (¥1,600, ~USD11.95) are available for sign-ups. 

The workshops are available at 10.30am and 2pm daily, with reservations to be made at least one week in advance via their website.

Of course, the farm is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flower fields, where visitors can sit and relax, while enjoying a refreshing glass of fresh milk!

Image credit: Oyama Makiba Milk Village

There’s also a restaurant that serves dishes featuring dairy products produced by the farm, as well as ingredients that are locally sourced in Tottori Prefecture.

Address: 2-11 Kobayashi, Hoki-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori 689-4101
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 10am-5pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: 0859-52-3698

8. Narita Dream Farm

Image credit: Narita Dream Farm

Branded as a sightseeing ranch, Narita Dream Farm is located in Narita City, Chiba prefecture, and boasts an area of almost 300sqm of farmland. For reference, that’s the size of approximately 7 Tokyo Domes!

The farm specialises in milk production, and produces their own ice cream and yogurt, which visitors can sample during their visit. The whole manufacturing products can be witnessed by visitors as well.

Image credit: @yumebokujo via Instagram

Gaze at cows and sheep roaming freely across the grassy fields for a calming activity. Visitors can also watch duck races, milk cows themselves, and even ride ponies. 

Image credit: Narita Dream Farm

The restaurant featured on the farm is specially designed to resemble a greenhouse so that guests dining on the inside can still enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery the farm has to offer. 

Image credit: @yumebokujo via Instagram

For guests who want to spend more time on the farm, there is also a campsite where visitors can set up tents and such to stay the night.

Admission: ¥1,600 (~USD11.95) for adults, ¥1,400 (~USD10.47) for seniors aged 65 years and above, ¥800 (~USD5.98) for children aged 3 and above
Address: 730ー3 Nagi, Narita, Chiba 289-0111, Japan
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-4.30pm | Sat-Sun & Public holidays 9.30am-5pm (Irregular hours, so check the website for the updated schedule)
Contact: 476-96-1001

Japanese farms to spend your weekend

With so many picturesque Japanese farms to choose from, we just can’t make up our minds. But no matter which one you choose, you’re bound to have an a-moo-zing time!

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Cover image adapted from: @yumebokujo, @farm_tomita_official, @farm_tomita_official, Minamigaoka Farm