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Hotel Gajoen Tokyo: Take Yoga Classes To Relax Your Mind & Body While Surrounded By Japanese Art

Yoga classes at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

People who practise yoga swear by the spiritual exercise and its life-changing benefits. If you’ve always wanted to start but are hesitant about it, the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo morning yoga class will have you signing up for lessons in a heartbeat. 

Immerse yourself in yoga & art

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo - person striking a yoga pose while surrounded by Japanese paintings
Image credit: PR Times

Located in the heart of Meguro, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo has been offering a unique hotel experience for over 90 years. Renowned for its collection of Japanese art, the hotel has roughly 2,500 pieces of nihonga (日本画; Japanese paintings) and traditional artefacts embellishing its premises. 

Since December 2022, the hotel has been offering guests a chance to surround themselves with exquisite Japanese art while participating in morning yoga classes.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo - person stretching in front of a landscape Japanese painting
Image credit: PR Times

Over 200 pieces of art on display 

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo - Japanese-style banquet hall interior
Image credit: PR Times

Held twice a week in a Japanese-style banquet hall, the morning yoga class is suitable for even beginners as there aren’t too many difficult moves. Guests can comfortably get into easy poses while admiring over 200 pieces of art that adorn the space.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo - closeup of the Japanese paintings in the banquet hall
Image credit: PR Times

Like a museum, the banquet hall is filled with Japanese paintings, wood carvings, decorative shoji (障子; traditional divider made of paper on a wooden lattice frame), and lacquerware. Feast your eyes and relax your mind as you assume various yoga poses in this tranquil space.

Free for hotel guests

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo - person stretching leg
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Sessions are held from 7.30am to 8.30am on Wednesdays and Fridays, excluding national holidays. Each class is limited to 15 participants, and interested parties must reserve a slot on Hotel Gajoen Tokyo’s official website by 5pm one day prior. 

Hotel guests can attend the class for free. Otherwise, each lesson costs ¥7,000 (~USD51.65). The price includes fees for the class, rental yoga mats, water, and a Western-style breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, Kanade Terrace. 

While there are no shower rooms and lockers provided for non-staying guests, a dressing room located on the 5th floor will be used as a changing room.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo - Japanese room
Japanese room.
Image credit: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

If you’re thinking of booking a stay while you’re at it, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo offers a range of Western- or Japanese-style rooms. Rates for a night’s stay with breakfast for 1 adult start from ¥106,200 (~USD781.89).

Getting to Hotel Gajoen Tokyo 

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo - Hotel Gajoen Tokyo exterior
Image credit: Rakuten Travel

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is just a 3-minute walk from the west exit of JR Meguro Station. Alternatively, guests can also take the free shuttle bus that departs from the station’s east exit or Takanawa Exit of JR Shinagawa Station.

Bus schedules can be found on the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo website.

Address: 1 Chome-8-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro City, 153-0064 Tokyo
Contact: 0334-91-4111 | Hotel Gajoen website

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Cover image adapted from: PR Times