Neko-Yokujo combines a bathhouse, cafe, and overnight stay with the wholesome loveliness of cats. Whether you’re here to enjoy a footbath with a cat in your lap or to observe cats up close on their rarely seen nightly escapades, a visit here will surely warm your body and heart. 

Therapeutic interactions between humans & cats

Neko Yokujo - cat bath health method
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Neko-Yokujo invented the “cat bath health method”, which – just like sunbathing or forest-bathing – soothes your mind and energises your body. 

Neko Yokujo - Mount Fuji wallpaper
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To emulate the peaceful ambience of a hot spring, Neko-Yokujo is modelled after a traditional Edo-style bathhouse with Mount Fuji wall murals. 

Neko Yokujo - gorogoro therapy
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The cats here work hard by just being themselves: they provide “gorogoro therapy” when they purr in contentment. These low-frequency vibrations have been found to relax tense muscles and increase blood circulation.

Neko Yokujo - cat warm compress therapy
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The act of petting cats is called “mofumofu therapy”, and squishing their toe beans is called “nikkyu therapy”. Finally, there’s “cat warm compress therapy”, where you hug a cat while soaking your feet in a warm bath for 10 minutes (¥500, ~USD3.39)

Neko Yokujo - cat-human interactions close-up
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These interactions don’t just benefit you – they also help the cats get used to human interactions so that they can be fostered and adopted. Neko-Yokujo hopes to be a place where wonderful encounters between humans and cats are born. 

Every visitor helps to socialise these rescued cats. While most of them are comfortable with people, some may still be traumatised from prior experiences. 

Neko Yokujo - healthy happy cats!
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Cafe staff will teach visitors about cat-handling and respecting their boundaries. There’s also a booklet with extensive information about the cats’ personalities so you can better connect with them. 

Neko Yokujo - feed the cats snacks at the cat cafeImage credit:

If your inner cat is not a fan of getting your feet wet, hang out at the cat cafe instead. Enjoy having cats fawn over you by feeding them a crunchy snack (¥300, ~USD2.04) or liquid snacks (¥400, ~USD2.72)

Sleepover in the relaxing company of cats 

Neko Yokujo - cats watching over you in your dreams
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Neko-Yokujo also runs Neko-Hotago, a dormitory-style inn where you can fall asleep while cats watch over you.

Neko Yokujo - watch the zoomies
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Instead of counting sheep to sleep, count cats to sleep here – or maybe stay awake the whole night because these furry companions are too adorable. 

Neko Yokujo - glass pane to watch play area
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If you’ve ever wondered exactly what goes on when cats get the zoomies, Neko-Hotago offers you front row seats to the night show. A glass pane between the cats’ play area and the guests’ sleeping compartments serves as a window into the world of cats. 

Neko Yokujo - cat playground
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You can even play with the cats via radio-controlled toys. 

Neko Yokujo - Edo period ryokan
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Neko-Hatago’s wooden furnishings bring to mind an Edo-period ryokan (旅館; traveller’s inn). The wallpaper features cat patterns drawn by the famous ukiyo-e (浮世絵; Japanese woodblock paintings) artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi. 

Neko Yokujo - Stay Osaka Shinsaibashi common area
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The lodging shares amenities with The Stay Osaka Shinsaibashi, a large hostel located on the 2nd floor of the same building. You’re free to use the spacious lounge with comfortable sofas, a large kitchen and shower rooms. All toiletries are provided. 

Neko Yokujo - wake up to cats
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An overnight stay comes with additional perks: you can learn about cat care from the staff first-hand before the cafe opens, from 10am – 12pm, and after closing from 9pm – 10pm

The experience costs ¥16,500 (~USD112) and can accommodate up to 8 pax. The 1st level holds 4 individual sleeping units while the 2nd level has 2 units for a pair of guests each. 

Neko Yokujo - hold a party
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You’re free to bring in food and drinks or order UberEats for your overnight cat-viewing party. Talk about a purrfect vacation! 

Pioneering self-sustainable rescue cat cafes

Neko Yokujo - exterior
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What sets Neko-Yokujo apart from most cat cafes is that all the felines here are rescues. Revenue is channelled to cat food and medical care – a concept pioneered in Japan by Neco Republic, the animal welfare company behind Neko-Yokujo. 

Neko Yokujo - founder Asaka Kawase
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Before this business model, rescued cats in Japan mainly lived in non-profit animal shelters that struggled to remain in operation on limited donations. Its founder, Asaka Kawase, strives to change the “unclean” image of rescued cats through fun activities and refreshing interior design.

Neko Yokujo - Save The Cat campaign
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Committed to the mission of “Save The Cat”, Neco Republic aims to bring cat euthanisation rates down to zero. The Neco Republic Instagram page provides live updates of rescued cats and also hold Kitten Transfer Programmes and crowdfunding campaigns for feline medical emergencies. 

Neko Yokujo - instagram updates on kittens
Updates on stray cat Tora mama, who gave birth to 5 kittens.
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Guests can even become a cat’s foster parent. The staff will conduct an interview to assess the eligibility of the guest’s family and the compatibility of guest and cat personalities before they’re allowed to bring their furry friend home. 

How to get to Neko-Yokujo

Neko Yokujo - traditional bathhouse door
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As an establishment dedicated to the well-being of its feline employees and guests, Neko-Yokujo has a few ground rules in place to ensure a good time for everyone. You’re advised to wear socks and sanitise your hands to prevent transference of infectious diseases. 

Neko Yokujo - bring a cat home with you
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First-timers will have to fill in a form, after which you’ll be issued your very own Neko-Yokujo passport that’ll grant you discounts for your subsequent visits. 

Post your best shot of your time at the bathhouse with the hashtags #catbathhouse and #nekorepublic. If your photo is chosen for the month, you’ll receive a free 10-minute ticket to the cat bath. 

Getting there: 

  • From Nagahoribashi Station Exit 7, cross the traffic light and take a 2-minute walk eastwards 
  • From Shinsaibashi Station South Exit 5 or South Exit 6, head eastward across Sakaisuji for 9 minutes on foot and you’ll find Neko-Yokujo on the right 


  • Weekdays: ¥200 (~USD1.36) every 10 minutes (top up ¥350 (~USS2.38) for unlimited drinks) or ¥1,500 (~USD10.19) every 60 minutes (unlimited drinks)
  • Weekends & holidays: ¥250 (~USD1.70) every 10 minutes (top up ¥350 (~USS2.38) for unlimited drinks) or ¥1,800 (~USD12.23) every 60 minutes (unlimited drinks) 

Address: 1-14-29 Shimanouchi, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, 542-0082, Osaka
Opening hours: 12pm-8pm, irregular holiday once a month for cat health
Contact: 0647-08-3889 | Neko-Yokujo website

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