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Floresta Nature Donuts: Cute Animal-Shaped Donuts That Are Kind To Your Body & The Earth

Floresta Nature Donuts

Floresta Nature Donuts are more than just Instagram-worthy, they are also filled with wholesome goodness. Behind each endearing animal design is a lovely backstory that combines healthy eating with care for the environment. 

Adorable animal designs for all occasions 

Floresta Nature Donuts - animal-shaped donuts
Image credit: Supertaster Mel

There is a wide variety of cute animal-themed doughnuts to choose from at Floresta Nature Donuts. Expect different animals to be featured each time you visit – it could be bite-sized bunny doughnut balls one day, and penguin ring doughnuts another.

Floresta Nature Donuts - sweet Jenga tower
Image credit: @mishytales

Besides being a feast for the eyes and palate, the adorable sweet treats can also be stacked like Jenga towers for an extra dose of fun. 

Floresta Nature Donuts - cute donuts and donut balls
Image adapted from: Alo Japan

These multi-tier designs typically involve a smaller doughnut hole that sits perfectly on top of the round pastries. 

Floresta Nature Donuts - chick hatching for new year
Image credit: Hello Momo

Floresta’s doughnuts change with the seasons and are switched up for various festivities. For the Year of the Rooster, the donuts were shaped like little chicks hatching out of their eggs, coupled with simple glazed donut balls adorned with a delicate snowflake to reflect the season. 

Floresta Nature Donuts - natural ingredients
Image credit: @klaspi315

You can also find themed donuts for Floresta’s regular collabs, such as the Sumikkogurashi series with Sanrio in July 2022.

Freshly baked goodness that is kind to the environment 

Floresta Nature Donuts - good for the environment
Image adapted from: Nick Blitzz

Floresta was co-founded in 2002 by a husband-wife duo who set their hearts on feeding their kids only healthy food. In their words, Floresta aims to “make everyone feel happy and rich when they eat the doughnuts, and return to their true selves”.

Floresta Nature Donuts - trasnparent about healthy ingredients
Image credit: Floresta Co. Ltd

Floresta’s doughnuts are free of additives – the coloured glaze is made from all-natural ingredients, and the animals’ ears are roasted almonds coated in icing. They even go as far as to list out the ingredients used in their doughnuts on the official Floresta website

Floresta Nature Donuts - stay happy with Foresta donuts
Image adapted from: Wei Zhi Chiang

Even eco-warriors will be impressed by these environmentally friendly donuts. Every day, Floresta makes a fresh batch of doughnuts using ingredients sourced domestically, which reduces their carbon footprint. Floresta also tries to use as little packaging as possible to minimise their environmental impact. 

Cosy vibes in sync with nature

Floresta Nature Donuts - forest themed wooden cabin
Image adapted from: Hello Momo

Floresta’s name, which means “forest” in Portuguese, is the key inspiration for its shops’ designs. The interiors tend to feature woodland themes coupled with wooden furnishings.

Floresta Nature Donuts - plants on wallpaper
Image credit: Nick Blitzz

The shops are decorated with flowers and little ornaments that give off cosy vibes. 

Floresta Nature Donuts - pose in front of mushrooms
Image credit: Hello Momo

The nature-themed wall paintings also provide perfect backdrops for photo-taking. Try your hand at incorporating the art into your doughnut-gram! 

Getting to Floresta Nature Donuts

Floresta Nature Donuts - aesthetic storefront
Image adapted from: Supertaster Mel

If you ever need an aesthetic and relaxing snack break while travelling in Japan, head to one of Floresta’s 36 branches. Besides Tokyo, you can also find branches in cities such as Kyushu and Hokkaido. 

The most popular branch is in Koenji, Tokyo. Floresta Koenji awaits you along Koshin Dori Shopping Street, a 5-minute walk away northwards of Koenji station. 

Floresta Nature Donuts - fresh donuts at 350 yen
Image credit: CUPOFCOUPLE

The holesome doughnuts range from ¥200 (~USD1.50) to ¥400 (~USD3.00). The shop also sells milkshakes, ice-cream, and other baked goods such as pizza. 

Getting there: Take the JR Chuo Line and get off at Koenji Station. Then, take a 5-minute walk northwards to Koshin Dori Shopping Street. 

Address: 3 Chome-34-1 Koenjikita, Suginami City, 166-0002 Tokyo
Opening hours: 9am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 0353-56-5656 | Floresta Koenji website | Floresta Nature Donuts website

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Cover image adapted from (clockwise from left): @mishytales, Hello Momo, Hello Momo