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Nanoblock x Demon Slayer Collab Lets You Build Tiny Tanjiros Ahead Of 2020’s Biggest Animated Movie Release

Demon Slayer nanoblock

Undoubtedly one of the biggest animated series to hit 2019, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has ironically decided to go small this year with its latest collaboration with micro-building block company Nanoblock

7 popular Demon Slayer characters shrunk to palm size

Demon Slayer Nanoblock - Tanjiro and Nezuko nanoblock figuresNanoblock figure of Tanjiro and Nezuko 
Image credit: Aniplex Plus  

On 24th July 2020, Nanoblock announced a new line of blocks featuring characters from the hit anime series, Demon Slayer. The line-up includes protagonist Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko, as well as Zenitsu, Inosuke, Giyu, Shinobu, and Rengoku. 

Demon Slayer Nanoblock - Nanoblock figures of Inosuke and Zenitsu -
Nanoblock figure of Inosuke and Zenitsu 

Image credit: Aniplex Plus

Demon Slayer Nanoblock - Nanoblock figures of Giyu, Rengoku, and ShinobuNanoblock figure of Giyu, Rengoku, and Shinobu
Image credit: Aniplex Plus

Despite the compact size, no detail is spared. These miniature designs look just like the real deal, right down to their uniforms and Nichirin Blades. Each figure retails for ¥1,870 (~USD17.67) after tax, and measures about the size of a palm. 

New trailer for Demon Slayer movie

Demon Slayer Nanoblock - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie: Mugen Train poster
Image credit: @ufotable 

Nanoblock’s launch comes just in time for the release of the highly anticipated Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie: Mugen Train. The film is slated to hit Japanese theatres on 16th October. Fans in North America can expect to catch it in theatres in 2021. There are no confirmed dates for its international release outside of the States just yet, so stay tuned. 

This sequel film will focus on the Mugen arc of the original manga. A brand new trailer was released on 2nd Aug, and Japanese pop singer LiSA took to Twitter to say that she will be singing the theme song of the movie.


Fun Nanoblock collaborations with other anime series

Demon Slayer Nanoblock - Pokémon nanoblock seriesMini Pokémon series from Nanoblock
Image credit: Rakuten

With a penchant for turning anything and everything into deconstructable miniature figures, this is not the first time Nanoblock has dabbled in anime. In 2013, the company released a series of Pokémon models.

Demon Slayer Nanoblock - Chibi Maruko-chan nanoblock seriesCharacters from the long-running anime series, Chibi Maruko-chan
Image credit: Nanoblock


Demon Slayer Nanoblock - My Hero Academia nanoblock seriesCharacters from My Hero Academia 
Image credit: Nanoblock

Old school anime classics like Chibi Maruko-chan, as well as popular series like My Hero Academia have also been turned into palm-size figurines. 

Get your hands on Demon Slayer nanoblocks

Pre-orders have ended, but limited quantities of the Demon Slayer nanoblocks are still available on the Aniplex Plus website for those who are in Japan. The collection will officially be available for sale from 17th October 2020 onwards.

Do note that Aniplex Plus doesn’t ship internationally. To get your hands on the Demon Slayer x Nanoblock figurines, head to 3rd-party resellers like Animate, Otaku House, Amazon, and eBay. You can also use proxy buying or freight-forwarding services.

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Cover image adapted from: Aniplex Plus