Chichibugahama beach

Chichibugahama Beach spans over 1km and is a popular vacation destination, especially during the hot summer months. The beach is located in Kagawa Prefecture, and it’s most famous for being a stunning sunset photo spot that allows visitors to capture natural mirror photos.

3 different types of sunset photos

If you are willing to stay for a couple of hours on the beach, you will be able to capture three very different but equally beautiful sceneries.

chichibugahama beach - before sunsetImage credit: @yoshiki_k999

Before sunset, the sky is painted a stunning azure blue, which is reflected in the small puddles of water on the shore.

chichibugahama beach - during sunset
Image credit: @koubaitei.hananoyu

chichibugahama beach - pastel hues
Image adapted from: @mii._.fl0

Just before or as the sun sets, there’s a beautiful orange glow that envelops the entire beach in its warmth. If you’re lucky enough, you can even witness pastel hues creep their way onto nature’s canvas, giving it cotton candy vibes.

chichibugahama beach - just after sunset
Image adapted from: @wata_m__u

Just after the sun sets, any hint of pastel blue is completely replaced by a deeper ultramarine, and underneath it, a glowing vermilion will be all that’s left of the sun.

Tips for capturing the perfect photo

chichibugahama beach - purple hues
Image credit: @channaka07

To capture the perfect mirror photo, hold your camera close to the ground to make sure both the tide pool and the sky are in the frame.

chichibugahama beach - umbrella
Image adapted from: @tan_v8

Since it is a silhouette photo, big, dramatic poses tend to be captured better on camera. However, if you are unsure of how to pose, bring props to add dynamic to your shots. Many people bring umbrellas as they can double as both a prop and shade, come rain or sun.

Check out the #父母ヶ浜 hashtag on Instagram to draw inspiration from the many photos that visitors have taken at the beach.

Best time visit Chichibugahama beach

chichibugahama beach - blue sky
Image credit: @nobuta8737

The best time to visit the beach is when the tide is low and when there is no wind. Refer to this document, which details the estimated sunset times throughout the year, and head over to the official tourism website to check the tide levels.

Getting to Chichibugahama Beach

Chichibugahama Beach is truly a sight to behold. Do visit the beach for a few hours to watch the sky transform into picturesque paintings and soak it all in. You can even bring a picnic mat and some snacks to get comfortable!

Address: Otsu-203-3 Niocho Nio, Mitoyo, 769-1404 Kagawa `
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Telephone: 0875-56-5880

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Cover image adapted from: @wata_m__u, @yoshiki_k999, and @mii._.fl0

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