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8 Ran Takahashi Facts You Must Know So That You Can Be An Educated Simp

Ran Takahashi

If there is one person that caught our eyes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it is the young and suave Japanese volleyball star Ran Takahashi.

After executing a fake spike to set the ball for the Japanese volleyball team captain Yūki Ishikawa to score, Ran became an internet sensation overnight. Many commented on his skills and good looks. Here are 8 things to know about the charming rising star who captivated the hearts of many.

1. He was named after the baseball term “home run”

ran takahashi - name
Image credit: @ranvolleyfan

Ran Takahashi said that his father – who was a huge fan of baseball – named him after the baseball term “home run”. However, Ran became a volleyball player instead.

When Ran was younger, he would often go off to play volleyball with his older brother when their father brought them to watch baseball matches.

2. His siblings are also volleyball players

ran takahashi - siblings
(From L-R) Rui Takahashi and Ran Takahashi.
Image credit: SunChlorella Sports

His older brother, Rui Takahashi, and younger sister, Riri Takahashi, are also volleyball players.

Rui is currently playing for the Nippon Sports Science University volleyball club as the captain, while Riri is playing for the Kyoto Ryōyō High School female volleyball club.

3. Ran used to dislike practicing volleyball with Rui

ran takahashi - disliked practice when younger
Image credit: @noyaliberal

The person that influenced Ran to take up volleyball is none other than his older brother.

During an interview with SunChlorella Sports, Ran mentioned that when he was younger, he disliked practising with his brother. He had to wake up at 6AM and head to the park to practice volleyball with his brother, which was something that Rui often pressured him to do.

We’re guessing that this has changed.

4. Ran started playing volleyball in elementary school

ran takahashi - started volleyball in 2nd grade
Image credit: @ran.volleyball0902

Ran started playing volleyball when he was in the second grade of elementary school because he wanted to play together with his friends. It was only when he entered high school that he started falling in love with volleyball for real.

5. Ran has a mixed ancestry

ran takahashi - mixed ancestry
Image credit: @sib_latte

Even though Ran hasn’t talked about his ethnicity publicly, his appearance suggests that he has a mixed ancestry. There are speculations that his ethnicity is a mix of Japanese, German, American, and British.

ran takahashi - riri's Twitter
Image credit: @Lily04995170

His sister’s Twitter account bio includes the UK, German, US, and Japanese flag emojis, which lends credence to the theory.

6. Ran looks up to Yūki Ishikawa

ran takahashi - yuki ishikawa hero
Ran Takahashi (left), Yūki Ishikawa (middle), Yuji Nishida (right)
Image credit: @AinaRmdhn

Since young, Ran has looked up to Yūki Ishikawa as a role model. He often watched replays of Yūki’s games and continuously practised his moves. Furthermore, he also mentioned that it feels like a dream to be playing alongside Yūki.

7. Ran likes to eat cuisine with meat

ran takahashi - likes meat
Image credit: @sib_latte

Ran mentioned that his favourite kind of food is pretty much any dish with meat. He also said that he isn’t really picky about food, as long as he has a balanced diet.

8. Ran loves to play the guitar

ran takahashi - guitar
Image credit: @neosforever

Whenever Ran returns to his dormitory, he likes to play his guitar. He started practising after receiving a guitar as a birthday gift from his seniors in his university’s volleyball club. The first song that he mastered was Aimyon’s Naked Heart.

Things to know about Ran Takahashi

From reluctantly picking up volleyball to participating in the Olympics, Ran Takahashi’s volleyball journey has certainly been an interesting one.

With good looks, an awkward yet quirky personality, and excellent volleyball skills to boot, it is no wonder he is adored by many across the globe.

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Cover image adapted from: @ranvolleyfan and @ran.volleyball0902