YOASOBI x Uniqlo UT Collab Releases Graphic Tees That Will Have You Racing Into Stores This July

YOASOBI Uniqlo graphic tees

Uniqlo’s UT collection is a line of exclusive graphic tee collaborations with popular shows, brands, and celebrities. This coming July, the famous music duo YOASOBI, comprising Ayase and ikura, will be collaborating with Uniqlo.

Under the collaboration, Uniqlo will be releasing T-shirts that are as beautiful as YOASOBI’s story-inspired music. Boast your love for them by donning the graphic tees with designs that draw references to YOASOBI’s aesthetic music videos.

Graphic tees inspired by 7 YOASOBI songs

The UT collection will consist of graphic tees inspired by 7 of YOASOBI’s songs. These T-shirts mainly feature iconic scenes and visuals from the duo’s music videos. Both adult and kid sizes are available, but designs vary.

(From left) Designs for the adult and kid sizes that are inspired by Racing into the Night.
Image adapted from: Uniqlo and Uniqlo

YOASOBI’s debut single, Racing into the Night (夜に駆ける; Yoru Ni Kakeru), tells the story of 2 lovers taking their lives together. As this is the duo’s most popular release to date, the upcoming collaboration tees inspired by the song will predictably sell out fast.

(From left) Designs for the adult and kid sizes that are inspired by Halzion.
Image adapted from: Uniqlo, Uniqlo and Uniqlo

There are 3 different designs inspired by YOASOBI’s 3rd single, Halzion (ハルジオン). The adult sizes come in either black or white, while the graphic tee for the kids is in pastel green.

Image credit: Uniqlo

The T-shirt inspired by Probably (たぶん; Tabun) has a calming purple shade and features a grid collage of visuals from the music video.

Image adapted from: Uniqlo and Uniqlo

YOASOBI’s 5th single, 群青 (Gunjō), literally means “ultramarine”. Thus, the T-shirt inspired by the song aptly features an elaborate ultramarine-coloured print on the back. There’s also a small circular blue logo on the front, so that the T-shirt does not look too plain.

Image credit: Uniqlo

YOASOBI’s upcoming summer release, 三原色 (Sangenshoku), also got a special T-shirt design. The graphic tee stays faithful to the song title, which directly translates to “3 primary colours”, by having a design comprising only red, blue, and green.

Image adapted from: Uniqlo and Uniqlo

The graphic tees for Haruka (ハルカ) and Encore (アンコール) are only available in kid sizes. The T-shirt for Haruka is in pink and features dreamy visuals related to the moon. This is because Haruka is inspired by Osamu Suzuki’s novel 月王子 (Tsuki Ōji; Moon Prince).

Meanwhile, the T-shirt for Encore has various musical imagery – a piano logo on the front and a guitar design at the back – set against a simple white background. 

Image adapted from: Uniqlo and Uniqlo

Finally, you can tell the world that you’re a fan of YOASOBI by getting their “YOASOBI” T-shirt. The design printed on the shirt is the iconic key visual that was released a week before YOASOBI’s debut in November 2019. Note that the designs for the adult and kid sizes are different.

Image credit: @YOASOBI_staff

All the adult-sized tees are priced at ¥1,500 (~USD13.62), while the kid-sized tees are priced at ¥990 (~USD8.17). For more details, view the catalogue here. Do also check out the following promotion video released for the collaboration.

Video credit: UNIQLO ユニクロ

Celebration livestream to be held on 4th July 2021

Image credit: @YOASOBI_staff

To celebrate the Uniqlo UT collaboration, YOASOBI will be holding a YouTube livestream on 4th July 2021 at 6PM JST. The online event is called “SING YOUR WORLD”. Judging by the name of the event, we can expect live performances, along with more promotions for the UT collaboration.

If you’d like to catch more free performances by other popular Japanese music artists, do tune in to the Aniplex Online Fest 2021 livestream happening at 10AM JST on the same day too.

Get your YOASOBI Uniqlo graphic tees

The YOASOBI T-shirts will be available in Japan’s Uniqlo outlets on 2nd July 2021. Alternatively, you can buy them on Uniqlo’s online store here. Be sure to grab them before they race off from the shelves.

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Cover image adapted from: Uniqlo and Uniqlo

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