The Promised Neverland Exhibition & Cafe Promises To Bring Fans Down Memory Lane With New Art & Character Food

The Promised Neverland special exhibition & cafe

After its serialisation in 2016, The Promised Neverland successfully made a name for itself and gained fans with its in-depth storyline and unique illustrations. The popular manga has officially ended after 4 years, and to celebrate its completion, there will be a special exhibition and cafe in Tokyo and Osaka.

The Promised Neverland special exhibition in Tokyo

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Written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu, The Promised Neverland tells a story of children raised in an orphanage called “Grace Field House”. The 3 main leads, Emma, Ray, and Norman, try to find a way to help all the children escape from the orphanage. 

To celebrate the completion of the 4-year serialisation, a special exhibition will be held at the Roppongi Hills Indoor Observation Deck from 11th December 2020 to 11th January 2021 in Tokyo

The exhibition will showcase memorable scenes such as the touching reunion between Emma and Norman, and the decisive battle in the royal capital.  

Image credit: @tokyo_cityview

Various unpublicised materials and cover art from before the serialisation of the manga series will also be exhibited. These materials will give you the chance to reflect on how the story slowly built up to its emotional climax. 

Image adapted from: The Promised Neverland Special Exhibition

There will also be original drawings and documentation on display, offering a behind-the-scenes perspective of the series. On top of that, there’s also going to be an exclusive original 19-page manga display made just for this special exhibition.    

Ticket sales will run from 5th October 2020 to 11th January 2021. You can buy your tickets here.   

Address: Roppongi Hills Observatory, Tokyo City View, Sky Gallery, 6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F
Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-10PM (Last admission at 9.30PM)
Telephone: 03-6406-6652

The Promised Neverland cafe – Cafe Grace Field

Image adapted from: Tokyo City View, Tokyo City View

Apart from the exhibition, there’s also going to be a themed cafe event called “Cafe Grace Field” held next to the exhibition venue. The cafe will be open from 11th December 2020 to 11th January 2021. The design of the cafe is based on Grace Field House, the orphanage where the children lived. 

Look forward to themed cafe food based on the characters and items from The Promised Neverland. This includes the Isabella Burger (¥1,480, ~USD14.04), a hearty burger inspired by Isabella, the caretaker of the orphanage.

You can also try out Emma’s Omelette Rice, which is inspired by Emma’s iconic orange and spiky hair. The brightly-coloured dish is sprinkled with edible orange flowers and costs ¥1,380 (~USD13.09).

Image adapted from: Tokyo City View, Tokyo City View

You can also try out the food inspired by Ray and Norman, 2 characters from the series. 

Ray’s Last Book Sandwich (¥1,550, ~USD14.70) depicts the scene where Ray hands over the last book he read to Emma, just before escaping the orphanage. The design of the book cover is printed on the bread and the french fries are topped with a picture of the scene.

Norman’s Farm Green Curry (¥1,580, ~USD14.99), is a spicy green curry dish garnished with a mini Norman figure perched atop the rice, surrounded by vegetables. 

Image adapted from: Tokyo City View, Tokyo City View

Some of the drinks available at the cafe include the Lantern Drink and the Promised Pendant Drink (¥1,050, ~USD9.96). The Lantern Drink is a dessert drink made with frozen yoghurt, chocolate whipped cream, and topped with orange slices. 

The Promised Pendant Drink is a refreshing soft drink made by combining ginger ale, Calpis, blue curacao, and green apple-flavoured ice. The cool colours of this drink are based on the key pendant Emma received in the series.   

Image adapted from: Tokyo City View

There are also character lattes available at the cafe. Each latte costs ¥850 (~USD8.06) and you can choose to have Emma, Ray, or Norman printed on the latte foam. If you order a latte, you’ll also receive a free original character design coaster. 

Image credit: Tokyo City View

The cafe will also offer desserts such as the Little Bernie Shortcake and the Full Score Parfait. The Little Bernie Shortcake (¥1,350, ~USD12.81) is inspired by Conny’s cherished soft toy bunny and is a mixed berry shortcake topped with milk pudding. 

The Full Score Parfait (¥1,450, ~USD13.75) is made by combining orange jelly, panna cotta, and chocolate pudding cake. The 3 ingredients represent Emma, Norman, and Ray respectively. As a finishing touch, their ID numbers are pasted onto the parfait glass.    

To visit the cafe, you will need to present a ticket to Tokyo City View The Promised Neverland Exhibition, Mori Museum, or Mori Arts Center Gallery. 

Address: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F, cafe with an observatory
Opening hours: Daily, 11AM-10PM (Food last order at 9PM; Drinks last order at 9.30PM)

The Promised Neverland special exhibition in Osaka

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The Promised Neverland special exhibition will also be held in Osaka, from 17th March 2021 to 5th April 2021. So if you can’t make it for the first exhibition in Tokyo during December and January, you can still catch the one in Osaka. 

More details about the Osaka exhibition will be announced later on the official exhibition website and the Osaka venue website.   

Daimaru Museum
Address: Daimaru Umeda 15F, 3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8202
Telephone: 06-6343-1231

The Promised Neverland exhibitions in 2020 & 2021

Besides the upcoming The Promised Neverland special exhibition and cafe in Tokyo and Osaka, you can also look forward to the 2nd season of the anime, which is slated to air in January 2021. In the meantime, check out the list of new anime in 2020 and binge-watch all of them before the year ends.

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Cover image adapted from: The Promised Neverland Special Exhibition, @tokyo_cityview

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