Maybelline x Furifu Collab Features 6 Yukata Looks Perfect For Summer Festival

Maybelline x Furifu yukata looks

Putting a summer festival look together isn’t the easiest. It’s more than just finding a perfect yukata – details down to your hairstyle and lipstick colour can make or break your look. Fortunately, Maybelline New York and Furifu have collaborated on a set of beautiful yukata looks that just can’t go wrong. 

The 2 brands have joined hands to pair original yukata from Furifu – a Japanese fashion brand – and Maybelline’s lip colours to achieve complementary looks that won’t go wrong. There’s also a limited edition yukata specially designed for this collaboration.

Pairing Furifu yukata with Maybelline lip colours

Image credit: @furifufurifu

On 18th May 2021, Maybelline and Furifu announced their collaboration. It features 6 looks that pair lip colours from Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick series and Furifu’s own collection of yukata. These complementary combinations will save you the trouble of mulling over the perfect yukata to go with your makeup, and vice versa.

6 yukata looks in the collaboration

There are 6 types of looks you can consider.

Image credit: @furifufurifu

The 1st look features the lipstick colour Groundbreaker (#117) – a dark crimson shade – along with a minimalistic yukata dotted with bright anemone flowers along its sleeves. The sleek black-and-white stripes of the outfit creates an eye-popping contrast against the boldness of the sleeve design and lipstick colour.

The yukata in this look costs ¥41,800 (~USD384.45)

Image credit: @furifufurifu

The lighter Ringleader (#175) MLBB shade goes well with Furifu’s classy yukata featuring lilies and hydrangeas. The design boasts elaborate elements and a colour palette reminiscent of a traditional Japanese painting. 

This yukata costs ¥63,800 (~USD586.76).

Image credit: @furifufurifu

Ruler (#80) is a dark pomegranate shade that complements a deep navy yukata. Camellia flowers bloom amidst the dark fabric to give a flair of elegance. Overall, this look is a good alternative if you’re not a fan of bright or pastel yukata designs.

The yukata costs ¥36,300 (~USD333.92).

Image credit: @furifufurifu

The Versatile (#210) is a light apricot colour that gives a sense of youthful exuberance. Therefore, it’s a perfect match for a youthful yukata with a yellow base. The peonies, wisterias, and magnolias on the outfit also incorporate vivid hues of white, green, and purple into the look.

The yukata is priced at ¥36,300 (~USD333.92).

Image credit: @furifufurifu

The walnut shade of Amazonian (#70) is best paired with Furifu’s best-selling yukata design, which features black cats tumbling around blue wisteria and yellow chrysanthemum flowers. The lipstick colour’s earthy tone matches with the design’s retro look.

The yukata costs ¥33,000 (~USD303.53).

Image credit: @furifufurifu

The last look features a lipstick-inspired yukata specially designed for this collaboration. Called “LOVE LIP”, its deep crimson appearance is actually made out of a mosaic of lips. The shade used is also the colour of the lipstick that’s paired with this look – Self-starter (#130), also known as the colour of “dawn”.

Reservation sales have begun for the yukata, which is priced at ¥46,200 (~USD424.96). You can order it here. A matching obi belt with a lipstick print is available at ¥19,800 (~USD182.13) here.

Image credit: @furifufurifu

There’s only one size for all the yukata designs. They measure 163cm lengthwise and have 49cm-wide sleeve openings. Excluding the limited-edition design, the yukata’s width, measured from the middle of the yukata to one end of the sleeve, is 68cm. The limited-edition design has a width of 63cm.

All of Furifu’s yukata are made of 100% polyester.

Get your Maybelline x Furifu collaboration yukata outfits

Add the beautiful yukata to your wardrobe by visiting any Furifu’s physical stores or purchasing them online here. However, do note that the LOVE LIP yukata will only be available at Furifu’s physical stores starting from 12th June 2021 onwards.

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