Japanese CGI Artist Recreates Landscapes So Realistic That They Look Like Photographs

Japanese CGI artist recreates realistic landscapes

CGI, or computer-generated imagery, can easily look shoddy if its creator lacks skills or patience. But “bad CGI” doesn’t exist in the dictionary of a particular Japanese CGI artist named Takao, who has the ability to recreate landscapes on a photo-realistic level. His creations, shared on his social media platforms, have drawn a huge wave of praise from netizens.

Japanese youth makes realistic CGI models

@wimperCG, who goes by the display name Takao, is a CGI artist. Using computer modelling software, he has managed to recreate hyperrealistic landscapes from scratch. He shares his impressive collection of works on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Image credit: @wimperCG

His recent Twitter post, shared on 9th May 2021, features his recreation of the stairway at Higuchi Ichiyo’s Former Residence in Tokyo. Higuchi Ichiyo is a female poet and novelist from the Meiji Period. In the image, you can see the amount of effort Takao invested into creating the mouldy starway, the unique shadows, and every leaf of the potted plants. 

Image adapted from: @gmdr56

The level of intricacy has amazed many netizens. Twitter user @gmdr56 commented that although you can perceive the texture if you look closely, if one doesn’t mention that it’s 3D, you’d really think that it’s a photo.

Image adapted from: @29xvPJKx1utKeMz

Meanwhile, user @29xvPJKx1utKeMz originally thought that the OP used a real landscape photograph and called it CG, only to realise that it’s really CG after zooming in.

CGI Japanese zen garden
Image credit: @wimperCG

The image shared by the OP is actually a screenshot of his final project as a student. It is a 105-second short film showcasing a scenic Japanese town, and you can find many of his other models within – ranging from a zen garden to a traditional inn. Watch the full film here.

CGI traditional Japanese inn
Image credit: @wimperCG

Besides landscapes, Takao is also skilled in making detailed CGI of objects up close. Like his landscape models, these close-up models are so realistic that it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart from photos.

Image credit: @wimperCG

Witness the creation process

Modelling a lantern with CGI
Image adapted from: @wimperCG and @wimperCG

The OP uses a variety of programmes to create such realistic end products. Softwares include Arnold and Autodesk Maya, which are professional programmes that let you do 3D modelling. He also taps on Megascans – which contains a collection of pre-existing models of real-life objects – for things like grass, and Photoshop to complete the final touches.

Image credit: @wimperCG

You can catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes process on his Twitter account, where he occasionally posts his work-in-progress models.

About the creator, Takao

The OP’s journey in CGI-making began in November 2018. He learned CGI in a vocational school and graduated this year.

Takao’s 2-week progress in CGI.
Image credit: @wimperCG

His gift in CGI-creation is evident from the get go. Within just 2 weeks of picking up the skill, he was able to construct an elaborate architectural model. Through the various feedback given by his peers and teachers, his works continued to improve over the years.

Takao’s 8-month progress in CGI.
Image credit: @wimperCG

The OP has since been contacted for professional work. Notably, he was part of a team that created a CGI clip for the popular Japanese singer Eve.

Japanese CGI artist recreates realistic landscapes

Talent, patience, and the advancement of technology have given this CGI artist the power to recreate reality. Check out more of such stunning works on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Cover image adapted from: @wimperCG and @odakyu_de_go

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