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Vampire Cafe: A Gothic Restaurant That Serves “Blood” To Its Patrons

Vampire Cafe in Ginza

If watching Twilight or playing Diabolik Lovers isn’t enough to satisfy your thirst for vampires, perhaps the Vampire Cafe in Ginza may do the trick. Sink your teeth into their food, savour their bloody drinks, and immerse yourself in the creepy-cool atmosphere of this themed cafe.

Dine amongst gothic vibes

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Opened in 2001, the 20-year-old Vampire Cafe is Tokyo’s most iconic vampire-themed cafe. Its dim interior follows a distinctive black-and-red colour scheme, representative of a vampire’s dark bloodlust. This theme extends into the restrooms, where basins are stained with “blood”.

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The restaurant is furnished with classy, pseudo-Victorian furniture. Amidst the elegance, a coffin looms in the centre of the restaurant, along with skulls, blood-smeared mirrors, lit candles, and Jack-o’-lanterns. 

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The result is a sophisticated yet eerie dining atmosphere that both charms and unsettles its visitors.

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To complete the theme, the owner and the staff are dressed in vampire costumes. You can take photos with the staff, but be sure to ask for permission. We stan consent in this house.

Resurrect your taste buds with special dishes

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Despite its name, the Vampire Cafe is more of a restaurant.

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The restaurant highly recommends its 反逆者を裁く惨劇の火炙りの刑 (hangyakusha o sabaku sangeki no hiaburi no kei; burning stake of tragedy to judge rebels) dish. Don’t be put off by the dish’s long name – it’s actually roast chicken with extra drama. Choose between the Herb and Spice Chicken and the Evil Hot Chicken, and watch as a staff member sets the chicken alight in front of you. Talk about trial by fire.

A whole chicken will cost ¥2,750 (~USD25.49), while half a chicken costs ¥1,450 (~USD13.44).

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Of course, their drinks are vampire-themed. Some look disturbingly like real blood, while others simply have dark, goth-ish colours.

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For a dose of liquor, try the Dracula or the Vampire Castle cocktails at ¥1,400 (~USD12.98) each. The glowing blue Dracula is a grape-flavoured cocktail with blue curacao and tonic, while the sparkling green Vampire Castle is a combination of banana liqueur and tonic.

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The four blood-like beverages are non-alcoholic.

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We recommend the dark-red Undead mocktail, which consists of grape syrup, lemon syrup, and soda. Alternatively, sip on the Bloody Rose, a cranberry-flavoured mocktail with rose-infused tonic. All four mocktails beverages cost ¥1,100 (~USD10.20) each.

Join the undead at Vampire Cafe

As one of the oldest themed restaurants, the Vampire Cafe is well-versed in delivering the best immersive experience possible to its customers. This means not just ensuring that the food is delicious, but also ensuring that you truly feel like you’re entering the realm of the undead.

Getting there: Leave by exit B3 from Ginza Station and walk for 3 minutes. Alternatively, the restaurant is a 7-minute walk away from Shimbashi Station.

Address: Lape Building 7F, 6 Chome−7−6 Ginza, Chuo, 104-0061 Tokyo
Opening hours: 12PM-2PM, Daily (Lunch) | 5PM-10PM, Daily (Dinner)
Telephone: 03-3289-5360

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